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Featuring StrongFirst (SFG, SFGII, SFL. SFB) Certified, Flexible Steel Certified, FMS certified, and A12 Certified CoacheS

Amazing 12 Omaha Graduate Jonathan Siefkes


TIME SLOTS: 5AM(4), 6AM(2), 7AM(4), 8AM(4), 9AM(4), 4PM(4)

Over the last decade and a half this program has consistently delivered world-class results helping transform the lives and physiques of thousands of people from around the world in record time. The A12 just has received its first upgrade in 15-years... now you can be among the first to participate in the new and vastly improved version. 

Amazing 12 Graduate Michaela
Amazing 12 Graduate Josh


" I've tried a multitude of other programs in the past, including boxing, MMA, heavy weight lifting, HIIT cardio, anything you can think of, but never saw anywhere NEAR the same results as I did with this program. The before and after photos are real guys. You WILL achieve the same results if you follow this program. Scott is one of the easiest people to work with and become friends with. If you want real results, then stop waiting and call Scott."

Cory D.

"You will not find an instructor more knowledgeable, experienced, or dedicated to your success in achieving your fitness goals--both now and for the long-term.

I've spent over 20 years in the fitness industry, training myself and others, and the quality of instruction, encouragement, and guidance I've received in just six months have been a masterclass. 

Go to Omaha Elite Kettlebell!"

Mark L.

Amazing 12 Graduate Michaela

"I've been a vegetarian for 20 years and by following the program I could eat more and eat a ton healthier than before. 

The biggest changes I've noticed are weight-loss, muscle-gains, strength, nutritional knowledge and overall feeling better!

I've spent years lifting on and off at gyms and never had the results I was able to gain after completing this 12 week program. "

Michaela T.

Amy Before and After light vs heavy swings

"Not only did the instruction far exceed my expectations, but his teaching/coaching helped me to make progress MUCH more quickly than I thought possible. I've had experience with many personal trainers in the past.  Scott is definitely the best of the best. Approachable, extremely qualified, knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly an expert teacher.  This is the best investment in my personal fitness I have ever made. "

Amy J.