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We take pride in building strength and performance upon a foundation of proven principles, skillful and safe movement and effective programming. Our techniques have been proven to burn up over 20-calories per minute for the average person, and because our methods are based upon skill, individuals typically experience dramatic and rapid gains in  strength and flexibility  (sometimes within a single session).

Instructor Certifications:
(RKC )  Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Level I 2008-2012
(RKC II )  Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Level I 2010-2012
(CKFMS) Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist 2011 – Present
(SBS) Specialist in Bodyweight Strength – by Pavel Tsatsouline 2012-2014
( SFG II ) StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level I & Level II  2012-Present
(SFB ) StrongFirst Bodyweight Strength Instructor 2012-Present
(SFL ) StrongFirst Lifter (a.k.a. Barbell) Instructor 2013 –
(Plan Strong ) Strength Programming Methodology 2014 –
(Flexible Steel) Flexibility training April 2016 – present


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