Safe Movement & Safe Technique

Kettlebells are one of the latest fitness crazes to hit the scene.  Although they have been  around for hundreds of years they have just re-emerged in United States thanks to Pavel Tsatsouline and the Russian Kettlebell Challenge.  Pavel and his elite group of  RKC Instructors have been transforming bodies and improving athletic performance since 2001.  Just recently kettlebells have been showing up on television weight-loss shows and infomercials, in fitness magazines and sporting good departments, at “body-shaping” gyms, bootcamps and with personal trainers.  Kettlebell training is promoted as “functional-training”, “extreme”, great for your “core”,  and the ultimate form of low-impact cardio. While all of these claims can be true, there is one important point to remember

“It’s not about the Kettlebell”
Getting results with kettlebell training  or any form of physical training should always include

  • Safe Movement
  • Safe technique

Safe Movement
Before starting any exercise program you need to learn how to move safely with strength. For the majority of the population simply following a exercise program on DVD or a book is a recipe for failure. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no such thing as an average person and most people have movement limitations or restrictions.  For example some people have bad joints, backs, shoulders or knees, while others simply have poor flexibility, lack of stability or inefficient movement patterns that are harmful to their own bodies. Performing high intensity exercise with poor flexibility, bad joints or poor movement patterns is like racing a car with a flat tire and poor alignment that has the parking break on… bad idea.

Before beginning an intense exercise program, whether it is for strength, conditioning or weight-loss it is highly advised to locate a Functional Movement Screen Specialist to objectively evaluate the quality of your movement. This is a proven method of identifying your risk of injury during exercise. The FMS specialist will then assign the correct exercise restrictions and progressions to keep you safe and improve your quality of movement.  The FMS has been around for over a decade and is well known and utilized among elite trainers.

At Omaha Elite Kettlebell we implement the Functional Movement Screen with a CK-FMS Certified specialist.

Safe Technique

Kettlebell techniques can be safe and effective or insanely dangerous, the difference is in the technique. 
Simply using a kettlebell won’t deliver results any better than purchasing a gym membership, you need to know how to use it.  To access the full potential of the kettlebell means learning how to safely and effectively perform specialized techniques that take advantage of the kettlebell’s unique properties.  To learn safe AND effective kettlebell technique there is no better way than to enlist the services of an RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor. The RKC is the world’s first and foremost  Kettlebell Instructor Certification. Created in 2001 the RKC maintains the highest standards for it’s instructors including fitness, technique, teaching skills and safety. RKC instructors are known for freakish pound for strength, high level technique plus safe, fast and effective teaching  methods. If you’ve used kettlebells but never trained with an RKC, then chances are an RKC can dramatically improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of your kettlebell techniques thereby improving your results.  If no RKCs are available in your area then you should consider locating an HKC certified instructor. HKC instructors have taken an intensive one-day course in how to properly teach the three most fundamental kettlebell techniques.

At Omaha Elite Kettlebell our team of five instructors are all RKC or HKC certified.

Safe Movement and Safe Technique: two essential parts of any exercise program.  Two services you are guaranteed at Omaha Elite Kettlebell.

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