Train Strength As A Skill

There is more to strength than muscle size and training to failure.  In accordance with RKC teachings, at Omaha Elite Kettlebell  we view our strength training as a practice, NOT a workout.  When you train with Omaha Elite Kettlebell not only will you learn great form, exciting kettlebell techniques and safe practices but you will also learn principles and methods that will help you dramatically improve all applications of strength including posture, daily activities, exercise, sports and combat.

Some Hardstyle tips for training strength: 

  • Train with relatively heavy weights that restrict you to around 5 to 10 reps with great form.
  • Use a an internal focus and try to improve your technique and sense of coordination as your workout progresses.
  • Stop each set short of failure leaving at least one perfect rep left in your tank.
  • When training for strength, the more you rest the better.
  • In contrast with training for fat-loss or endurance, you can spread the reps and sets of your strength practice throughout the day.
  • Manage your fatigue through methods such as rep ladders, fatigue cycling, active rest and greasing the groove.
  • Approach each set fresh and dominate.
  • Teach your body and mind that success is not only a possibility but it is highly likely.
  • Practice relaxation drills between sets to allow you to recover quicker and not expend energy unnecessarily.
  • End your workout feeling energized instead of feeling destroyed.

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