Omaha Elite Kettlebell: It’s All in the Hips!

Omaha Elite Kettlebell Instructors John Scott Stevens and Aleks Salkin demonstrating versions of the splits. Just some of the benefits of Hardstyle Kettlebell training

One of the priceless benefits of RKC Hardstyle™ Kettlebell training is hip flexibility and health. Correctly performing and practicing fundamental movements like the Turkish Get-Up, the Goblet Squat and the Hardstyle™ Swing develop a blend of flexibility, stability, strength, power and endurance that improves posture, back health and athletic performance. Some typical benefits our clients receive are increased hip flexibility, improved posture, reduced lower back pain and reduced incidence of hamstring pulls.

The function of the hip flexors and the definition of “Hip Flexibility” changes depending on the situation and the movement pattern in question. I believe that the function of the hips are best expressed as Dan John put’s it “a continuum between the Squat and the Swing”. The full extension at the top and the bottom of the goblet squat (pictured below) represent the vertical application of force while the bottom and top of the swing represents the horizontal application of force. In both techniques the top position is essentially a plank. These techniques and other like the various planks, one arm swings, lunges, single leg deadlifts or the high hip bridge in the Turkish getup used in our classes also serve as an excellent means of training a combination of flexibility and “live” strength (stability) in the hips.

One of the fantastic features of RKC Hardstyle™ Kettlebell training is that nearly every technique is a full-body compound movement. As a result, your hips learn to fire reflexively and function as part of a team with the rest of your body, the way they were designed to perform.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…
The following pictures of Omaha Elite Kettlebell instructors and students show various phases of the three most fundamental techniques used regularly in our classes. Each technique is an excellent example of hip flexibility, mobility, stability, strength and power.




John Scott Stevens, RKC is the founder of Omaha Elite Kettlebell and Omaha’s first RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor. He holds advanced RKC Level 2 and CK-FMS Functional Movement Specialist certifications. Omaha Elite Kettlebell features a team of Nebraska’s highly certified RKCII,CKFMS,RKC and HKC Kettlebell instructors and a perfect zero injury record in over 4,000 group classes.

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