Training to Failure IS Training to Fail

Want to get strong AND NOT get injured?
Work at a high level within your limits… and expand your limitations from the inside out.

Working within your limits means working at a higher quality which leads to mastery. While novices chase flash and quantity… experts in any craft know that drilling the basics and mastering the tools you have is what it takes to create a masterpiece. When it comes to quality, less is more; always has been, always will be.

What a Jerk!

What a Jerk!

Pictured: Dr. Korth drilling the double 24kg Clean & Jerk.
Although 48kg is well inside his limits, this is more than enough to get stronger.


When a workout or trainer prescribes a specific number of reps for a bodyweight exercise or lift… be sure you can do more than the required reps or you must either adjust the reps you perform per set or modify the technique or load used.

For example: if a workout prescribes 15 reps of pushups for as many sets as possible, I highly recommend being able to do 30 pushups before attempting several sets of 15 and get in more reps by doing more sets of lower thus safer reps.
Else… adjust the number of reps downward per set by simply dividing the number of reps you could do fresh by 2.
Else… replace the prescribed exercise with an easier variation such as replacing pushups with what I call plank-ups. (Forearm Plank on your elbows, to a push-up position plank, then down again, repeat)

Training to Failure is a recipe for
A) Physical injury because your form fails, structural failure is rapidly approaching.
B) Training yourself mentally and neurologically to fail.

Steady wins the race: by staying safe, you can continue training consistently.
Pursue master over numbers.  One expertly performed rep will always better results than several poor reps.

Last, but not least:
You are what do repeatedly… so, training to failure IS training to fail.At Omaha Elite Kettlebell we believe in training to success.

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