Our bodies are designed to adapt and conserve energy.
The more skilled we become at something, the more efficient our technique becomes and the less mental and physical energy we need to expend to get the same amount of work done.

This explains why when we start a new activity, diet or sport we see dramatic results, but the same activity that helped us get in “shape” performed in the same way over time will cease to deliver the desired results that it once did. For example: I don’t care how much you love jogging, at some point you simply can’t spend more hours per week jogging and you’re body will stop adapting in the manner you desire. What then????

The answer to manipulate one or more of the following variables.

– Nutrition ( better fuel yields better performance, recovery and results)
– Technique (better movement improves safety, longevity elicits positive results)
– Physical Intensity (perceived difficulty or effort required per repetition)
– Volume ( the amount of work our repetitions performed)
– Density ( how fast you work per unit of time and how much rest your take. This includes managing sleep, relaxation and stress levels outside of training)
– Mental Intensity ( how focused you are and the INTENT you bring to your training. You can punch the clock or show up to kick ass and take names. )

If you’re mind and body are sufficiently primed to make progress then you can tweak one of the above variables and force your body to adapt in the desired direction.

If you are overtrained, you will need to cut back and makes things easier for a while by either reducing the volume, density or intensity before gradually increasing difficulty and building up to a new peak or personal best.

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