Heavenly and Hellish Technique Pairings - Omaha Elite Kettlebell

Matches made in Heaven or Hell Kettlebell Exercise Pairings for Efficiency & Health

One of the strengths AND drawbacks of high volume kettlebell training is that it places a tremendous emphasis on grip strength. There are two sides to every coin. Strength requires muscular tension, but too much tension is not healthy.  Overworking the grip can lead to elbow pain if not balanced with open handed exercises to train your finger extensors so… the answer should be pretty obvious: balance grip work with open hand exercises or extensor work.  Once I was training pull-ups, bottoms up kettlebell work, C.O.C. grippers and heavy deadlifts simulateously which lead to some serious elbow pain.  I was able to remedy it quickly by readjusting my programming and inserting a healthy dose of open hand exercises to balance out the grip work.  This kind of overuse can occur with any muscle group and it’s very unpleasant. Since then, I try to pair a kettlebell exercise with a technique that moves me in the “opposite” way. For example front squats usually result in spending a great deal of time in the bottom position (almost a fetal position with the fists clenched), so any exercise that looks like full body extension with open hands such as a cartwheel or hand stand is a great complimentary exercise.

Intelligently pairing kettlebell techniques with bodyweight techniques is a force multiplier than can
increase the health benefits, challenge, efficiency and benefits of any workout.


Heavenly and Hellish Technique Pairings - Omaha Elite Kettlebell
Matches Made in Heaven and Hell
Some of the following pairings are “heavenly” providing a welcomed change of pace in the form of active rest
while others are more “hellish” and amp up the intensity by moving from one tough exercise to another or shocking your cardio vascular system into overdrive by moving from standing to  prone or inverted positions.

Enjoy… or suffer. Either way, the choice is yours.

Getups + Crabwalk
Getups + Cartwheels
Getups + Jogging
Getups + Sprinting

Ballistics + Crawling Variations ( if you think crawling is an easy form of active rest… you’re in for a surprise)
Ballistics + Hill Sprints
Ballistics + Sprints
Ballistics + easy jogging
Ballistics + Pushups (not knuckle pushups)
Ballistics + Finger Tip Pushups
Ballistics + Superman Pushups
Ballistics + Wheel Barrow
Ballistics + Hand Stands
Ballistics + Hand Stand Pushups
Ballistics + Cart Wheels
Ballistics + Unweighted Windmills
Ballistics + Unweighted armbars

Pressing + Crab Walk
Pressing + Superman
Pressing + Back Bridges

Squats + Crab Walk
Squats + Wall Supported HandStand Pushups
Squats + Wall Supported HandStands
Squats + Back Bridge
Squats + Wheel Barrow
Squats + Hill Sprints
Squats + Jazz Hands ( just wanted to see if you were still paying attention)

Farmer Walks + Crawling Variations
Farmer Walks + Pushups
Farmer Walks + Finger Tip Pushups
Farmer Walks + Superman Pushups
Farmer Walks + Wheel Barrow
Farmer Walks + Hand Stands
Farmer Walks + Hand Stand Pushups
Farmer Walks + Cart Wheels

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