To redeem our Groupon Offer:

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GET READY:  To Redeem your groupon offer please complete the following form and you will be contacted with instructions on how to register and reserve your class space.



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GET SET: Making Your Class Reservation
All class sizes are limited to 8 participants and you will be asked to reserve you spot in advance.
We offer a combination of Kettlebell classes and or private training 6-Days per week Monday through Saturday.  (You can use the link below)

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After reserving your class spot,  come to class wearing standard workout attire (shorts, shirt) also bring water and a towel.
During your first few classes we will ask a few questions, conduct assessments and gradually introduce you to fundamental techniques. Each workout with progress toward more challenging exercises and goals as you learn and improve.


Notice: Our studio is only open during class hours and visits are by appointment and class reservation only.