Keep Calm and Press On

So… you have successfully completed the Rite of Passage with a given kettlebell, but the next bell is just too heavy to  press consistently for three to five reps. Now what? There are many methods that work including, just starting over again with the last bell, but to many this may sound unappealing. It you’re bull-headed or just insist on lifting heavier,  I’ve got a solution custom-tailored for you.

“It’s as easy as “2,3… 1”
No, I didn’t stutter. Start the Rite of Passage over as written but instead of using the same bell again, use both the previous bell and one heavier. The rep scheme will change slightly, but the principle remains the same meaning each ladder will start off easy, progressively get harder, then start over and repeat. Continue reading

How to Combine Kettlebells, Bodyweight and Barbells

“What is the best way to combine to kettlebells and bodyweight and barbells?”

There are many programs available on the internet to get strong with bodyweight, barbells or kettlebells,  but there are few that provide clear direction on how to get strong integrating them together. There is a reason for this and it’s not because there isn’t a market for it.

I was once at kettlebell certification taught by Pavel Tastsouline who during a question and answer portion of the weekend handled such a question like this. “By the very nature of your question, I can tell you are not ready for the answer.”  At first this may sound harsh and dismissive to some, but it’s a perfectly honest and appropriate response. It was a concise way of pointing out that it was apparent the person asking the question didn’t have enough experience with both modalities to combine them effectively. Continue reading