The One Arm One Leg Pushup

If 10 Push-Ups Are Good, Eleven Must Be Better…Right? A Case for the One Arm One Leg Push-Up

When it comes to push-ups more reps doesn’t necessarily equal more strength. The one-arm one-leg push-up is the perfect way to increase the difficulty of each rep without adding bodyweight or the need for fancy equipment. Continue reading


400% Return on Investment: Omaha, NE Elite Kettlebell SFG User Course April 19th 2015 at Body Basics

Recently someone asked me why they should spend $299 on one day user course when he/she could spend that same amount on a one year membership at a local gym? The answer is “return on investment”. Continue reading

FREEDOM: One of the Most Enjoyable Aspects of Kettlebell Training

Q: What’s so special about kettlebell training?

A: For one thing… Freedom.

24kg: 20 snatches + 5 bent presses per arm x 2 rounds.  Just one great way to take a coffee break.

24kg: 20 snatches + 5 bent presses per arm x 2 rounds.
Just one great way to take a coffee break.

You don’t need a gym.
You don’t need exercise machines.
You don’t need a large variety of equipment.
You only need knowledge.

Knowledge of the principles, methods and techniques that unlock the full transformational power of the kettlebell.

Join us on April 19th for the SFG Kettlebell User Course and allow us to teach you the principles to train with kettlebells…

Efficiently and
on your own terms.

SFG Kettlebell User Course 4/19/2015 Omaha, NE at Body Basics Fitness Equipment – with Omaha Elite Kettlebell


Announcing our One Day SFG Kettlebell User Course hosted by Body Basics Fitness Equipment  Sunday, April 19th, 2015.  This course is officially sold out!

The 8-Hour Kettlebell Workshop – Perfected.

The most fundamental and thoroughly in-depth kettlebell instruction available within a single day. Developed by the founder of the modern kettlebell movement, Pavel Tsatsouline. WHAT IS THE COST? $299.00 WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THOSE 8 HOURS? Only the most necessary skills in order to ensure that you will understand the techniques and concepts, and be able to safely practice them on your own. Continue reading