400% Return on Investment: Omaha, NE Elite Kettlebell SFG User Course April 19th 2015 at Body Basics

Recently someone asked me why they should spend $299 on one day user course when he/she could spend that same amount on a one year membership at a local gym? The answer is “return on investment”.

It’s as simple as choosing between spending  VS.  investing, learning and saving.

A gym membership requires you to SPEND MONEY in exchange for a place WHERE you can workout and requires you to SPEND TIME on someone else’s terms (commuting, waiting for equipment, working around someone else’s exercise class schedule or gym hours of operation)

A user course is INVESTING in an education that will teach you HOW to get superior results while  allowing you to train WHENEVER and WHEREVER you choose thus SAVING TIME and MONEY to spend elsewhere.

Here’s a specific example of one student getting a 200% ROI after one hour of instruction and a 400% ROI after 7-hours of instruction.

“Congrats to Jenni Bock on swinging the 106lb kettlebell today for the first time. Jenni credited the instruction received in Stronger U classes with allowing her to make a 200% improvement in her kettlebell swing by moving from a 35lb kettlebell to swinging a 70lb kettlebell for sets of 10… during her first class. Today during her 7th class she successfully performed sets of 10 swings with the 106lb bell at the END of a hard workout. That’s a 400% increase in the amount of weight SAFELY moved per rep in 7 hours of training. Way to go Jenni!”


Here’s what Jenni had to say after her first class:

I was a little scared & hesitant to come, but I’m really glad that I did. Stronger U class is definitely addictive & I’ll be back!

What I appreciated is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all workout. It’s not just a ‘write a workout on the board, grab your weights and go’, the instructor, Scott, helped me learn proper technique and find the weight(s) that were appropriate for me. Scott took the time and the patience to help me achieve and maintain good form throughout the class and not get hurt. 

I really liked how non-intimidating Scott made learning the techniques, and not making me feel stupid for not ‘knowing it all’. He understands that I’m here to learn and everyone starts somewhere! 

I had a great workout… and now, afterwards I feel even stronger and properly aligned.

I had already used kettlebells before with other trainers, but today I learned a lot about the importance of breathing correctly and proper alignment. The drills that Scott used to teach diaphragmatic breathing and proper technique helped me improve my form, automatically kept my core tight and kept my back from getting injured. Before today I had never swung a kettlebell heavier than 35 pounds, but with Scott’s instruction I was able to safely swing a 53 lb. and a 70 lb. kettlebell for several sets of ten! “-Jennifer Bock

Q: “How’d it feel to swing the 48kg kettlebell for the first time today?”
A: “Pretty bad a##!” ;] -Jennifer Bock


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