One-Day SFG Kettlebell User Course: Sunday July 19th, 2015 Omaha, NE

Announcing our next One Day SFG Kettlebell User Course hosted by Compete Personal Fitness  on Sunday, July 19th, 2015. 

The 8-Hour Kettlebell Workshop – Perfected.

The most fundamental and thoroughly in-depth kettlebell instruction available within a single day. Developed by the founder of the modern kettlebell movement, Pavel Tsatsouline. WHAT IS THE COST? $299.00 WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THOSE 8 HOURS? Only the most necessary skills in order to ensure that you will understand the techniques and concepts, and be able to safely practice them on your own.

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Techniques Covered include

  • The Deadlift
  • The Swing
  • The Getup
  • The Squat
  • The Press

Additionally you will learn

  • Kettlebell training safety
  • “Strength stretching”
  • State-of-the-art breathing techniques for strength, endurance, back safety, and stress reduction.
  • Tension skills for instant strength gains.
  • A proven way to train your abs 300% more intensely than with traditional exercises.
  • Shoulder mechanics used by professionals for maximal strength and resilience.

You will be given

  • An awesome Course Manual to take home
  • Training Plan to follow — for general strength and conditioning, muscle building, and fat loss.


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TRAINERS & COACHES This course is also for you. Even if you have already been messing around with kettlebells for several years, you will be surprised to see just how much there is to learn about training with kettlebells, and the level of detail that is required to do it well. The difference between imitating kettlebell techniques and executing them safely and powerfully in a manner that engages every muscle from your finger-tips to your toes must be felt to be believed. The User Course also provides .8 CEUs toward your NASM credential.

Group Military Press RearWhat About the Instructor? First, some orientation. StrongFirst’s kettlebell curriculum and training methodology has been developed and refined by Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline, for well over a decade. We currently offer three types of Courses: Kettlebell (SFG), Barbell (SFL), and Bodyweight (SFB). Each of these Courses is appropriate for practitioners of virtually any skill level. No previous kettlebell experience is required to attend the SFG Course. StrongFirst certifies instructors in each of these three modalities, as well. Our flagship program, the SFG Certification, has the highest standards in the industry, and is the most sought-after kettlebell instructor credential. The standards are so high, that on average one-third of all SFG candidates (most of whom are already personal trainers) fail to meet the requirements, after months or even years of serious preparation. SFG Instructors are the strongest, most qualified and experienced kettlebell instructors in the world. The SFG Instructors that have been invited to teach our SFG Course were carefully evaluated and selected by Pavel. This group represents just 3% of the over 2,000 SFG Instructors, worldwide.   Your Instructor: John Scott Stevens has been a certified instructor under Pavel Tsatsouline’s RKC and StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certification since 2008.  He is currently holds level II Kettlebell Instructor and SFL Barbell Instructor with StrongFirst as well as maintains his (CK)FMS certification. Additionally, Scott has earned SBS / SFB certifications under Pavel for Bodyweight certifications and has had the honor of being invited to assist at many instructor courses and user courses.

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We Are StrongFirst

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT THE COURSE? More than 1400 people have attended the SFG Course over the past two years. Their experience has been sensational, and we are incredibly proud of this.

Feedback from Omaha Elite Kettlebell’s most recent User Course:

  • “The ​instructor ​definitely ​knows ​his ​stuff!!” 
  • “Amazing. ​Better ​than ​anything ​I ​have ​ever ​had ​before. ​Kind ​people ​that ​are truly ​interested ​in ​the ​well ​being ​of ​the ​student.” 
  • “Outstanding, ​safe ​instruction. ​Easy ​to ​understand ​– ​great ​comparisons ​to ​grasp ​concept.” 
  • “I ​was ​given ​a ​lot ​more ​than ​expected, ​which ​is ​awesome.” 
  • “Very ​high ​quality ​of ​instruction ​and ​materials.” 
  • “Very ​different ​exercises ​than ​I ​am ​familiar ​with ​doing. ​The ​instructors ​made ​experiencing ​something ​new ​and ​challenging ​less ​difficult.” 
  • “Far ​above ​any ​other ​course ​I’ve ​taken” 
  • “Excellent! ​Would ​highly ​recommend!” 
  • “The ​techniques ​covered ​in ​the ​class ​are ​easy ​enough ​to ​learn ​quickly, ​but ​take ​a ​while ​to ​master. ​And ​the ​instructors ​are ​all ​masters.”

Occasionally, an attendee has even been compelled to write in to  StrongFirst Headquarters, to tell us how much they enjoyed it. Three of those appear below (with the authors’ permission).

“My wife would say I’m somewhat obsessed with kettlebells, but I never had any personal instruction on form and technique. There are no SFGs in my area, and I didn’t want to take a class from an instructor who probably knew less than I did. When this class was announced, I jumped at it. Everything is in the details, and the instuctor’s ability to convey those details — all the tips on form, and cueing, and tension, and all the rest, will continue to be invaluable to me. I wasn’t awful at anything; I learned how to be better at everything. It was very worth it, and I am grateful. Thank you.” —Brad Banks

“Last summer I had a 6-week stretch at Harvard University. Around week 4 I drove down to Silver Spring, Maryland to take a 1-day Course. The 8 hours FLEW away and I came out both smarter and stronger and have had fuel for training for now a full year since then.  I had more valuable learning in those 8 hours than I did in the full 6 weeks at Harvard.” —Ulrik Lehrskov

“Dear StrongFirst, I just wanted to send you a big thank you, and two thumbs up on your kettlebell course I attended with my wife. I am a 51 year-old field operations paramedic. I have been surfing for over 40 years with an extensive competitive history and I have earned two black belts. I have been training with kettlebells for 6 years. Probably like most, I bought the ETK book and video, went to my “courage corner” and began to practice. Kettlebells have kept me strong, resilient, and kept my hips powerful. Wow, what an eye-opening day. The StrongFirst course content and instructor were fantastic… This day was true goldmine of knowledge… Cueing and masterful correctives brought so much more tension and strength to my game… [Instructor’s] attention to detail is finer than frog hair. The course content was much more evolved than the HKC certification I obtained in 2011. There is also so much more than the five movements listed… Thank you Pavel and your team for making this information and course available. You have greatly improved the quality of my life and me as an athlete.”  —Andrew Herzog, NREMT-P, Carolina Beach, N.C., USA

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Omaha Elite Kettlebell intentionally restricts the number of participants to ensure a high instructor to student ratio of  one StrongFirst Certified instructor for every four students. 


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