When performing a Google search for “Best Kettlebell Workout” there are About 1,890,000 results.
If there truly is such a thing as one single “Best Kettlebell Workout” that means there are potentially one-million, eight-hundred and ninety-thousand wrong ones. With so many choices how do you find the kettlebell workout that is best for you?

The Best Kettlebell Workout for you is the one that meets the following criteria:

  1. It utilizes and adapts to the kettlebell sizes YOU have access to.
  2. It is safe for YOU… the individual in question. If it hurts… stop immediately and either fix your technique or see a professional to find out why it hurts.
  3. It uses techniques, rep-ranges and rest periods that are appropriately challenging to YOU.
  4. It features movements that YOU NEED.
  5. It DOES NOT necessitate keeping time with someone else.
  6. It can be performed in the amount of time and space YOU have available.
  7. It meets YOU where you are at. ( It doesn’t ask you to do things you shouldn’t be doing or aren’t ready to do yet.)
  8. It brings YOU closer to achieving your goals (not someone else’s.)
  9. It’s something YOU will actually do consistently for many weeks.
  10. It leaves YOU feeling worked all over, ready to take on the day and improves your posture.

In other words… the “Best Kettlebell Workout” is the one that is designed to suit YOU.
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workout appropriate for everyone. Every person has different needs, limitations, goals, and starting points. The movements, loads, reps, and rest you use must be specific to YOU. In every single group kettlebell class I teach the workout is adapted in one way or another to uniquely suit each individual in the room. Some people may not even use a kettlebell for some movements if it is inappropriate for them at the moment.

If you don’t know how to perform, find, modify or devise a kettlebell workout that meets the above criteria then your best solution is to find a trainer, mentor or coach who can. I can help. With over 7 years experience specifically with kettlebell training, multiple kettlebell certifications, and a licensed provider of StrongFirst Kettlebell User Courses, chances are good I can help or find someone who can.

When you are ready to discover and unlock the full transformational power of safe and effective kettlebell training call 402-850-5551 and ask for Scott.  I am available most weekdays between 8am and 3pm for consultations, personal training and small group training.

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