A Sandwich a Day 

One way to get plenty of iron in your diet is to have a sandwich a day with kettlebell ballistics as the main ingredient. Just insert any form of kettlebell ballistics in between your slower lifts (a.k.a “grinds”).  The pairing of slow moves and fast is great way to get some conditioning and burn calories while you keep things moving and interesting.  Here are a few recipes to for a spicy ballistic workout…

BTW: Kettlebell Ballistics are any kettlebell movement that essentially launches the bell instead of pushing or pulling or dragging the bell into position such as all variations of swings, cleans, snatches, push presses and jerks. 

To stay goal oriented I like to do one of the following:  

  • Give myself a rep ladder to build up to
  • Give myself a descending rep ladder to count down to
  • Give myself a certain amount of time to complete as much work as possible
  • OR Using a walking technique and give myself a certain amount of distance to cover before I can end the workout.

Here’s a simple template that builds off of Dan John’s concept of “One Lift A Day”:

Choose one lift a day to train hard from the following categories and add a ballistic movement.

Each week try to hit one movement from every category below:

  • – A Pushing Movement: Pushups, Any pressing variation, Getup Variations
  • – A Pulling Movement: Row variations and Pull-ups also Deadlifts
  • – A Hip Hinge Movement: Deadlift variations, Hip Thrusters, Cleans, Jerks
  • – A Squat Variation: Any Squat Variation or Lunge variation, Long Push Press,
  • – A Loaded Carry:  Suitcase carry, farmer walks, racked walks, overhead walks, sled drags, etc.

Here are some of my favorite to pairings

  • Swings & Getups
  • Swings & Deadlifts
  • Swings & Squats
  • Swings & Pushups
  • Swings & See-Saw Presses
  • Swings & Renegade Rows
  • Swings & Windmills
  • Swings & Crawling
  • Cleans & Presses
  • Cleans & Front Squats
  • Cleans & Racked Walk
  • Snatches & Presses
  • Snatches & Pullups
  • Snatches & Hanging leg raise
  • Snatches & Overhead Squats
  • Renegade Rows & Swings
  • Push Presses & Pull-ups
  • Jerks &  Push-ups

One my absolute favorites: Snatches & Bent Presses ladders

15 snatches + 1 HEAVY bent press per arm

10 snatches + 2 HEAVY bent presses per arm

5 snatches + 3 HEAVY bent presses per arm

Repeat for 15-minutes.

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