NEW 4-Week Beginner’s Classes

Are You Ready…to Experience the Benefits of Kettlebell Training?

  • Small class sizes
  • Personalized progressions
  • Unparalleled safety
  • Certified & experienced expert instruction. If you’ve heard about the benefits of hardstyle kettlebell training, but you’ve been on the fence about starting to train with kettlebells on your own or felt unsure about jumping into a group class where everyone is more advanced, this class is for you.

Every 4-Weeks we will be offering beginner’s Kettlebell classes at various time slots.
These classes feature high certified (SFGII, FMS) expert instruction and gradually progressions over the most fundamental techniques.

Participants will learn how to safely and effectively perform techniques such as:

  • The deadlift (several variations)
  • The Hardstyle Plank
  • The Kettlebell Swing (several variations)
  • The Turkish Getup
  • The Goblet Squat
  • The One Arm Military Press
  • The Kettlebell Clean
  • Advanced stretching techniques
  • and more…

Classes are 1-hour and meet twice per week for a total of 8-classes.
At the end of your 4-weeks you WILL feel a difference and will have made measurable improvement.
When your 8-classes are up you can choose to continue at the same time slot or choose one of our many other time slots and offerings.


  • Wednesday, March 2nd through Monday, March 28th.
  • Monday April 4th through Wednesday April 27th.
  • Wednesday May 4th through Monday May 30th.

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“As a kettlebell novice I was BEYOND nervous to attend a class. Now that I’ve done so, I think I’m hooked! John was very professional and he, and the other class members, were extremely welcoming. I love the small class size.” – Charl0tte (last name withheld)

“The personal instruction is wonderful. The coaches take the time to help one on one to give you the motivation to work harder and do the excersizes in a manner that give you the best results. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.” – Sheila North

“Scott is a great teacher who takes time to explain every aspect of kettlebell. [Prior to starting] I had  2 herniated disks in my back so I was skeptical at first, but with proper instruction and focus on safety I was able to experience kettlebell without any pain. In fact my back never felt better and I was able to get in the best shape since I played football in college.I would highly recommend kettlebell and Scott as an instructor to anyone!” – Jeff DeWispelare


10 Reasons for Learning How to Perform the Kettlebell Swing


  1. The Swing is a deadlift-The deadlift is hands-down one of the most functional strength training movements, develops the entire body, and makes you stronger for life.
  2. The Swing develops explosive hip drive for improved athleticism and power.
  3. The Swing is an efficient fat-burner.
  4. The Swing develops resilient backs by strengthening the entire core and teaching how reflexively stabilize the spine under load.
  5. The Swing is low impact and friendly to high mileage knees. 
  6. The Swing builds insane endurance.
  7. The Swing can be performed anywhere anytime… outdoors or indoors and requires a very small amount of space. 
  8. The Swing builds a strong and shapely butt. 
  9. The Swing builds a strong grip and forearms. 
  10. The Swing builds a strong back and great posture. 

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