10 Reasons for Learning How to Perform the Kettlebell Swing


  1. The Swing is a deadlift-The deadlift is hands-down one of the most functional strength training movements, develops the entire body, and makes you stronger for life.
  2. The Swing develops explosive hip drive for improved athleticism and power.
  3. The Swing is an efficient fat-burner.
  4. The Swing develops resilient backs by strengthening the entire core and teaching how reflexively stabilize the spine under load.
  5. The Swing is low impact and friendly to high mileage knees. 
  6. The Swing builds insane endurance.
  7. The Swing can be performed anywhere anytime… outdoors or indoors and requires a very small amount of space. 
  8. The Swing builds a strong and shapely butt. 
  9. The Swing builds a strong grip and forearms. 
  10. The Swing builds a strong back and great posture. 

Two Ways to learn from our expert StrongFirst Certified Instructors:

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