Get Stronger For Life!


If you like the idea of getting stronger, increasing your metabolism, moving better, feeling better and learning skills that will empower you to kick butt for the rest of your life…
If you’re tired of trying harder, but only getting injured…
If you no longer measure the value of a workout by how sweaty or sore you are…
If you value quality over quantity…
then you’re in luck..

Omaha Elite Kettlebell – Stronger for Life  has a few new openings for new students to attend our Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM and Saturday 8:00 AM classes. 

If you have an appreciation for quality over quantity then this offer is for you.
You will benefit from the highest standard in instruction from two of Nebraska’s most experienced kettlebell instructors. We will teach you how to safely and effectively perform fundamental kettlebell, bodyweight and barbell techniques to a higher standard. Every class addresses safety, technique, strength,  conditioning and flexibility under close supervision. Appropriate for people of all ages, ability and experience.

Special Offer: $75 / month = 33% off!
Hurry. This offer expires on June 14th! 

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From Jenni-

“Hey Scott! I was talking with Janae the other day (she’s my hair lady) and I was telling her what I’ve been up to in way of working out. And she told me I should email you to let you know…

Since I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere now, I do everything at home, by myself. I learned A LOT from you in the short time I came to your class and I’ve been practicing what I learned and remembering a lot of things you told me.  I’ve increased my weights (some 60%-squats & chest press) in the past 4 months. I feel like my swings have really improved and I need to get a heavier kettlebell! I have had no injuries and feel stronger than I ever have in my whole life.

I have to say I never would have worked so hard at strength training (with good form) or increasing weight if it weren’t for you I was way off on what I thought was the best type of workout for me. I’ve seen changes in my body that I’ve never seen before b/c I always focused on “cardio” and NEVER strength training, until I met you. I’m amazed at what I can do with so little (if that makes sense). I don’t need fancy machines or a gym membership, all I need is my kettlebells and determination. I have you to thank for teaching me a much needed lesson.

My entire outlook of “working out” is forever changed thanks to you.
In the past I used to focus on light weight exercises with high # of reps…. (A couple 5lb dumbbells would suffice, I didn’t want to “bulk up”!)….How many lunges can I do in 30secs, or how many push-ups, squats, etc. I didn’t focus on proper form or the weight I was holding, and that’s exactly how I injured myself, trying to beat my # from the last round. Now because of you, I workout smarter. I choose exercise/weight appropriate KBs, and focus on say 5 perfect squats…or 8 perfect deadlifts. I focus on form and the weight in my hand(s), not #’ of reps.

I used to spend hours doing cardio & very light weights, without seeing results. When I learned how to properly strength train, it changed my life…how I work out, how I measure success and how much I never knew I was capable of.

I’ve lost quite a few inches and gone down a pants size since I started, but the scale hasn’t moved a whole lot…..Which used to cause me a LOT of tears, heartache, and depression…. and cause me to do more cardio and not eat properly and all kinds of terrible self hating things!! But now I know I’m building some badass muscle and I look in the mirror instead of at the scale ;)” – Jenni Dein




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