2 Hr. Kettlebell Workshop $50

14908263_10208878609255176_7697817144465833963_nSaturday, November 19th: 1-3pm

Location: Compete Personal Fitness
2819 S 125th Ave, Ste 355, Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Price: $50.00

2-Hour Kettlebell Workshop: learn how to quickly, safely and effectively get the most out kettlebell training for strength, performance, endurance, and fat-loss.

Learn fundamental kettlebell techniques designed to empower to safely build strength, endurance, posture and accelerate fat loss on your schedule. Avoid the common mistakes that leave most scratching their head, frustrated or worse.

By enrolling in the workshop you will learn principles that will keep you safe and get you stronger in a wide variety of exercise modalities. You will learn how to safely perform kettlebell fundamentals, safely use heavier weights, get more out of your lighter weights, achieve better results faster and receive kettlebell programs to keep you challenged for months and years to come.


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This workshop is ideal for individuals who want to safely and effectively incorporate kettlebell techniques into their own fitness routine. Save time and avoid common costly mistakes.

Experience professional kettlebell instruction that’s

  • Efficient
  • Safer
  • Stronger
  • Smarter

“What you do matters,
but how you do it matters more.”

Without formal instruction and an expert eye to give you immediate feedback, learning to safely and effectively perform kettlebell techniques is an exercise in frustration. You can read books and watch videos, but with only your own limited experience and understanding to rely on it can take years to achieve only a fraction of what you could in months with proper methods. You don’t know what you don’t know.  To make matters worse there is no shortage of personal trainers who have never invested in learning from professionals, yet won’t hesitate to teach you contrived, improper, ineffective and unsafe kettlebell techniques that at best mimic what can be done better with other more common equipment. Sadly, your health and safety is something many trainers are willing to risk.


Attend this 2-Hour Intro to Kettlebell Workshop on Saturday, November 19th at 1pm and you will learn essential  techniques with hands on instruction and corrections. You will experience drills, progressions, modifications, corrections and sample kettlebell workouts. As a bonus you will receive sample programs and workouts to take with you and get you on track to your goals.


“I called Scott on a Monday and had private training the next day. I wanted to train with someone with “street cred”, which Scott has being certified by Pavel Tsatsouline. We started with a brief physical assessment that immediately identified deficiencies with my balance and hip mobility. Once we talked through that and worked on a couple drills I can do at home to improve/mobilize we went straight to work on my kettle bell swing. I’ve swung a lot of bells over the last 10 years but never had formal instruction. Scott opened my eyes to the true power of the kettle bell swing within 10 minutes and showed me some variations to the swing that are absolutely game changing. Then we went on to steps 1, 2, 3 of the Turkish Get Ups (TGU) which I had also been doing wrong. I absolutely loved Scott’s teaching methods, professionalism, knowledge, and easy going manner & I can’t wait for the next training session.”
-Ben Wormington

“I recommend Scott Stevens to any of my friends trying to take their fitness to the next level. He really is one of Omaha’s best kept secrets.

Scott has helped me recover from a back injury, drastically improve my flexibility and coordination, increase my strength with a form-first approach, improve my physique, and grow my knowledge of the human body and functional movements.”
– Jon White

Enroll Today: $50
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Hosts: Compete Personal Fitness: Jen Marhenke or Ben Grojean
Call (402) 881-9963

StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor: SFG, SFGII, SFB, SFL(expired), StrongFirst Kettlebell Course Instructor, Certified Flexible Steel Instructor, Amazing 12 Coach, PlanStrong,  FMS, CKFMS, 5th Degree Black Belt, Kukkiwon Certified Master Taekwondo Instructor…

OEKB Cert Logos-03-03.png
ScottBarbellBentPress-05.pngOver the last 8 years I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars traveling to learn from the best of the best: Pavel Tsatsouline, Jon Engum, Mark Cheng, Gray Cook, David “Iron Tamer” Whitley, Paul McIlroy, Dan John, and many more.  I’ve absorbed their teachings, followed their instructions and thanks to them I’ve conquered one seemingly impossible goal after another,  earning multiple advanced certifications along the way. I’ve helped others 15037180_10155422329894460_6954937646689772747_n.pngachieve their certifications, taught hundreds and have been chosen to represent what I believe is the absolute best kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight, flexibility, correctives and physique transformation systems out there. My goal is share with you what I’ve learned and empower you to safely and intelligently become stronger for life on your own terms.

Teaching at the NYC Instructor SFG Course   11/11/2016