A12 Graduate: Andrea Erickson

Allow me to introduce our latest Amazing 12 Graduate, Andrea Erickson.

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Andrea came to the program with a history of severe back pain and had originally only intended to perform 6 out of the 12 weeks of the program.  Yet, 6 weeks into her training, she saw a photograph I had taken of her back after a training session. The progress and strength she discerned from that photo made such an impact on her that she re-enrolled for another 6 weeks and has now Completed the A12 in its entirety… and rocked it.

It’s been a joy watching Andrea literally transform in every way before my eyes: her posture and the way she carries herself has improved, she has dropped 4 pant-sizes and now fits into clothes that haven’t fit her for over eight years!  She has dramatically improved her cardio and can now complete 6 rounds of a circuit that would have been a pipe-dream 12 weeks back. She added 65 lbs. to her bench-press, 30 lbs. to her military press, and improved from deadlifting 75 lbs. to deadlifting her bodyweight for sets of 6…. PAIN FREE!

Our Next Wave of the Amazing 12 Omaha begins on May 8th.

Serious inquiries for this life-changing program can apply for more information or to reserve a future space in the program: APPLY FOR THE AMAZING 12 OMAHA HERE

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