Re-Introducing One STRONG Mother



Allow me to RE-introduce Andrea: One Strong Mother…
In Andrea’s case the Amazing 12 started as a 6-week experiment. For most people the results promised by the Amazing 12 can seem too good to be true. Andrea was not different, but in just a few short weeks  she began to see her body and strength transform before her eyes and the decision to complete the full twelve weeks in its entirety was easy to make.  Not only did she achieve a fantastic transformation during her initial 12 weeks in terms of physique, strength, health and confidence, but as evidenced by her photos, her second time through the program resulted in her going from being strong and lean to even stronger and leaner. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that life circumstances prevented her from completing the program in it’s entirety and necessitated ending one full week early… but her results pictured below speak for themselves.

Andrea is a mother of two young boys who came to the program with a history of back pain from a car accident she was in several  years ago. Initially, her goal with regards to the A12 was to lose a little weight and a get “in shape”. She had some additional long term goals of returning to her pre-baby weight,  rocking out chin-ups and building a strong enough back to finally “heal” her back injury both physically and psychologically.

The Amazing 12 – Omaha has not only allowed her to achieve ALL of these  goals, but surpass them.


  • Andrea lost enough fat to lose several pant sizes and not-only return to her pre-baby weight, but returned to her HIGH SCHOOL body weight… AND PANTS SIZE.
  • The musculature in her back has undergone a dramatic transformation. Not only is it visible in terms of physique but in performance. She’s gone on to perform 6 sets of 6 deadlifts with a barbell 20lbs heavier than her bodyweight and sets of 10 kettlebell swings to chest level with a 70lb kettlebell.
  • Despite not training chin-ups at all during the Amazing 12 and not performing a chin-up for more than half a decade she made her first attempt during week 11… not only did she complete  one-rep, she actually completed THREE consecutive, unassisted,  full-reps from a dead-hang…. AND she still had more in the tank, so much that she went on to perform several sets after that!Andrea First Chinups-04-03.jpg

In Andrea’s own words:

“Round 2 of the Amazing 12 was the same movements but mixed up and designed to challenge me more so than before. Why? Because you’ve proven yourself amazing by completing Round 1. For me, my goal was not to be 8% lean muscle and appear too masculine. Mission accomplished. As my coach JSS said “You will remain yourself, however, leaner and meaner and most definitely stronger in the process.” This. Is true. My max set of 36 deadlifts came in at 20lbs over my body-weight – WHICH by the way, is both pre-baby AND high school…HIGH SCHOOL weight. Of course, weight is relative due to the amounts of lean muscle I’ve packed on but still. It’s nice to have that point of data to measure.

A12 has been life-changing for me in all the right ways. Again, I fought hard to refrain from body shaming prior to signing up for Round 1, however, I now feel like my outside appearance matches what I’ve always known was inside and that is: Strength!”

People often ask:
“What happens after the Amazing 12? Will the program work if you do it again? And Again?”

As evidenced by Andrea’s photos… I can confidently say that the answer is a resounding “YES”!



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