4-hours of Instruction: 400% Improvement


Amy dominating 24kg (52.8 lb ) kettlebell swings for sets of 10: 400% improvement in 4-classes.

How would you like to make 400% progress in as little as 4 lessons?
This may sound unbelievable to some, but this kind of result is typical for people from beginners to advanced in our classes. The recipe to getting this kind of result isn’t really a secret,  it’s just a matter of professional experienced instruction combined with a proven system. Our instructors have invested over 30 years of combined experience, tens-of-thousands of dollars in continuing education and hundreds of hours learning from the very best.

When it comes to exercise most people are self-taught through videos and books, but neither videos or book will give you feedback, the correct cues, drills or modifications at the time YOU need them.  As a result,  despite their best efforts and of no fault of their own most people acquire bad movement patterns and dangerous habits that eventually either stall progress, lead to injury or frustration.

When you enroll with Omaha Elite Kettlebell we don’t magically make you stronger, we just quickly show how you do things safer and better. As a result you’ll be able to accomplish more quality work in less time.

This was true for Amy (pictured above) who prior to enrolling in Omaha Elite Kettlebell’s self-paced mini-course was self-taught via exercise videos.

 I was doing 25lb swings and tried moving up to 30lbs and it caused back pain. I knew I needed instruction to increase the number of swings and weight.”

Amy signed up for our self-paced kettlebell mini-course and came in swinging a 26.4 pound kettlebell for 5 reps at a time.  By her fourth lesson she was swinging the 52.8 pound kettlebell for 10 reps per set with excellent form that is literally 4x the weight moved per set, with safer technique than before.  

“I’m so excited about how much progress I have made already. I have learned so MUCH!  I’m so thankful I found you! Thank you!”

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