1. You’ve just gone through ‘The Amazing 12’ program, please describe where you are physically today compared to where you were when you first started the program.

Energy, strength, weight loss, knowledge of food and how my body responds to it. These are some of the things I gained by going through the A12 experience. At 6’2″, I’ve always been around 190 .lbs but the last few years even though I’m active with basketball and some lifting, I saw my weight gain to 230 .lbs and my back felt it. Today, I’m down to around 210 but it’s healthy, my waist is down 3-4 sizes and my core is strong which in turn has had a positive effect on my pre-existing lower back injury.


2. Describe any strength increases you experienced over the last 12 weeks.

Really glad to see the strength increase across the board and it’s addictive. You want to keep pushing yourself to that next mental goal.

Josh Before and After Side Photos

Josh’s Amazing 12 Omaha 12 Week Physique Transformation Success Story.

3. How is ‘The Amazing 12’ different to other gym experiences you have had in the past and how has it changed your approach to training in the future?

The reason why I did the Amazing12 was because I saw the transformation some friends did and was impressed with their results. The classes are small, which means 1 on 1 time with the coach/s and they adjust your workouts based on your numbers. I’ve had a personal trainer in the past and it’s the same old thing, I show up, he works you out and that’s it. There’s no extra work those trainers are putting in to help and better you. With A12, John Scott Stevens put in that extra effort and catered to my needs and goals.

Josh 12-Week Before & After Front Relaxed Pose

Josh’s Amazing 12 Omaha 12 Week Physique Transformation Success Story.

4. What has been the biggest change you have noticed over the past 12 weeks?

I became a lot more lean but gained definition and bulk at the same time. The energy and cardio is up significantly as well. A lot of the success goes to the nutrition that they teach. It’s all simple, but the direction and dedication to it is the biggest challenge initially. But after a couple of weeks, I could see and feel a difference and knew that it came from the food. It has made me really think about what I’m putting into my body to fuel my activities and it’s something I’ll continue to be mindful of going forward.

Josh 12-Week Before & After Rear Biceps Pose

Josh’s Amazing 12 Omaha 12 Week Physique Transformation Success Story.


5. How do you feel about yourself today compared to when you walked in the door?

I feel great about the decision to do A12 first and foremost. It’s about a lifestyle change and I may not be as strict as I was during the program, but I’ll definitely use what I learn and I’ll definitely go through the program again.

Josh 12-Week Before & After Photos

Josh 12-Week Before & After Rear Biceps Pose

6. If a person was considering taking part in the A12 program but was unsure or skeptical and asked your opinion on whether or not they should do it, what would you say to that person?

Do it. You can google workouts like I did, or look up meal plans and try to hit the gym “faithfully” but you don’t have the accountability and the facebook class/group you are apart of pushing you to do better. Until you go through A12 and get the coaching, nutrition, advice, techniques and set your goals you won’t truly realize the differences that it makes from what you’ve been doing on your own. How often do you hear people say, “I’m going to the gym but not really seeing any results!” It’s because they don’t have the A12 formula. You want that A12 Secret Sauce, it’s so tasty! Get some!



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