A12 Graduate: Michaela

Michaela's 12 Week Physique Transformation Success Story with the Amazing 12 Omaha - Omaha Elite Kettlebell

Michaela’s 12 Week Physique Transformation Success Story with the Amazing 12 Omaha – Omaha Elite Kettlebell

An Amazing Vegetarian Transformation achieved by completing all 60 training sessions, and homework in 12 Weeks.  Coming into the program this strong woman shared the same struggles most women have battling the common misconceptions that in order to lose fat and get “toned” you must eat less, lift light weights and do tons of high intensity cardio.

The A12 plan required her to eating vastly more food than she was accustomed to AND had her lifting heavy 5 days per week.  Over the course of 12 weeks her strength levels more than doubled in every single lift AND she set our bench press record with 120 continuous reps in single set during her grad workout.  As a results she lost over 20.lbs and dropped several pant sizes. 

This kind of transformation is proof positive that eating way more food and lifting weights doesn’t make girls bulky, it’s makes girls into strong healthy women. Furthermore it’s proof that a holistic transformation is NOT about weight loss, starvation, cleanses, wraps or and endless cardio sessions… The kind of transformations the A12 are known for are the result of fat-loss combined, lean muscle and insane strength gains.


1. You’ve just gone through ‘The Amazing 12’ program, please describe where you are physically today compared to where you were when you first started the program.*

I have always been an active person. The difference from before to after The Amazing 12 was major. Before I would do a lot of long distance running and a small amount of weight lifting. After The Amazing 12 I am a lot stronger and now incorporate sprints every other day along with my distance runs. Weight lost: 27 lbs   As result of the  program I dropped in pant size from a 29 to 25/26. Most of my old clothes are now too big; I was a Medium in shirt size, I  now wear a Small.

Michaela's 12 Week Physique Transformation Success Story with the Amazing 12 Omaha - Omaha Elite Kettlebell

2. Describe any strength increases you experienced over the last 12 weeks.*

I’ve increased over 100% of all my lifts from when I started. I’ve also learned proper lifting technique.

3. How is ‘The Amazing 12’ different to other gym experiences you have had in the past and how has it changed your approach to training in the future?*

The nutritional aspect was huge for me. I’ve always had a gym membership, but this was my first time having a trainer and specific program tailored to meet my needs and goals. It has changed my approach to weight lifting 100%.

Michaela's 12 Week Physique Transformation Success Story with the Amazing 12 Omaha - Omaha Elite Kettlebell

4. What has been the biggest change you have noticed over the past 12 weeks?*

Weight loss, muscle gains, strength, nutritional knowledge and overall feeling better! I’ve spent years lifting on and off at gyms and never had the results I was able to gain after completing this 12 week program. Not only did I lose weight, I gained muscle and now have definition. During the program I went to bed earlier on a schedule of meal prep, sleep, workout, repeat.  Didn’t drink alcohol for the entire 12 weeks which saved money and made us more productive on weekends with being active, not drinking. My body definitely craves healthy food! Greasy food makes me feel slow and sick to my stomach. I now stay away from bread and eat a ton more greens. I also used to drink a lot of sugar free energy drinks. I didn’t have a single on during the program and now don’t crave them at all.

Michaela Before Afters 2 cells-07.jpg

5. How do you feel about yourself today compared to when you walked in the door?

I feel good! I stuck with the program, never missed a meal post, never missed a class and never missed a density run or sprint “homework”. The hard work paid off. I’ve completely changed my eating habits. I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years and by following the nutritional program I was able to gain muscle, increase my meals and eat a ton healthier than I was before. I have a better understanding of what foods I need to eat to fuel my body and gain muscle – all without eating any meat! This just goes to show that vegetarians can lift heavy and gain lean muscle, all while eating 6 meals a day. It has changed my life and the way I look at food and meal planning and prepping. I have so much more energy and strength.

Michaela Military Pressing

6. If a person was considering taking part in the A12 program but was unsure or skeptical and asked your opinion on whether or not they should do it, what would you say to that person?*

Do it. You won’t regret it. If you want to gain strength and gain knowledge on nutrition and feel and look better, then this program is for you. Take the time to invest in a healthier you and don’t keep putting it off!


7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years. Before A12 program I never ate breakfast other than coffee, ate a power bar for lunch or yogurt, and snacked on junk and carbs for supper. I substituted carbs for meat. I ate 1-2 meals a day. This changed 100% during and after A12 to 4-5 small meals a day consisting of a healthy foods… greens, protein,  healthy fats, little to no carbs, ton more veggies and NO MEAT! Vegetarians  can do the program too and succeed.


Despite losing 27.lbs Michaela obviously added muscle meaning she lost more than 27lbs of fat… ALL while eating more and lifting heavy. Proof that lifting heavy and eating more WON’T necessarily make women bulky, more often than not it makes them… look, feel and perform better.

9 Week in Michaela lost 20.lbs by eating MORE and lifting HEAVY 5 days per week.

Heavy Weights and Eating More doesn’t make Women bigger, it makes them AWESOME!


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