A12 Graduate: Drew


Please congratulate Drew on his 12 Week Physique Transformation
Drew improved all lifts by at least 100%  and was able to adhere to the program despite traveling on business during the program.  
23.lbs lost, muscle gained, clothes fitting better, and all lifts improved from week 1 by at least 100% in some cases over 200%.  Stay tuned for more to come as he has already started his  second 12 weeks.

1. You’ve just gone through ‘The Amazing 12’ program, please describe where you are physically today compared to where you were when you first started the program.

Physically, I look better, I feel better and I’m more active than I was 12 weeks ago.


2. Describe any strength increases you experienced over the last 12 weeks.

Strength increases across the board! Arms, shoulders, back, core, legs. Love it! Strength increases equals confidence increases.


3. How is ‘The Amazing 12’ different to other gym experiences you have had in the past and how has it changed your approach to training in the future?

The strength coaching and nutritional guidance is key. Without the proper technique when lifting, injuries happen fast. I was very happy that A12 was a program that included more traditional lifting accompanied with the nutrition to support the weight loss and muscle growth that A12 is known for.


4. What has been the biggest change you have noticed over the past 12 weeks?

Honestly, it’s my increased confidence. Sure, I’ve made physical improvements but the overall way I feel about myself for my accomplishments, increased knowledge of that the training and nutrition that what I’ve learned is sustainable to keep me healthy in the future.

5. How do you feel about yourself today compared to when you walked in the door?

I feel much more confident, fit and accomplished.

6. If a person was considering taking part in the A12 program but was unsure or skeptical and asked your opinion on whether or not they should do it, what would you say to that person?

A12 is a risk worth taking! If you have the determination to make a change and commit to the program, you will experience results. You’ll make great friends that will help keep you accountable and on track. Finally, you’ll walk out feeling great about yourself and accomplishments



7. Additional Comments: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I lost 23 .lbs (including the cut week). My cloths fit better and I’ve moved a few notches in my belt.

My CLOTHES also fit better.  I’m just really more excited at how much better my cloths fit


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