A12 Grad: Tom


1. You’ve just gone through ‘The Amazing 12’ program, please describe where you are physically today compared to where you were when you first started the program.

I’m definitely stronger, I’ve lost body fat and I’m in better shape for sure. Running is easier too. I lost several pant sizes. I now have to tighten my belt and I’ll to have get different pants. Actually my arms are harder to fit into my clothes as my sleeves are too tight. ;] My shirts are loose around my stomach but arms don’t fit… so, not sure where to get shirts at?!  ( It’s a legit A12 Grad Problem ) Maybe I should just cut my sleeve s off like Larry the Cable Guy (joking).


2. Describe any strength increases you experienced over the last 12 weeks.
I’m stronger ALL around but one of the coolest increases was that I went from Zero pull-ups on week 1 to 4 Pull-ups  WITHOUT training them at all during the program.

73.33% increase in Bench Press
100.00% increase in Lat Pull
133.33% increase in Back Squat
86.96% increase in Deadlift


3. How is ‘The Amazing 12’ different to other gym experiences you have had in the past and how has it changed your approach to training in the future?

As far as the A12 goes I liked the routine, the accountability to the coach and the other participants, the times and way Scott tracked every set and rep of every lift every day.  With regard to coaching Scott is more hands on, essentially delivering one-on one coaching. Although there’s four people per group you get way more attention than other programs I’ve experienced.

At other programs I’ve participated in it’s about getting as many people in the door as possible so you get lost in the crowd, but here Scott watches everybody. He tells us what to do, what we’re doing wrong, how to do this and that. The level of attention to detail and safety is significant.

Technique taught at other programs is nowhere near this level. I’ve been in programs where they recruit their teaches from the student base, so they only know as much (maybe)  as the students do.  None of the trainers I’ve worked with in the past have had the training, the certifications experience, qualifications that Scott does. He KNOWS the right/safe/effective way to do things and it makes ALL the difference.


4. What has been the biggest change you have noticed over the past 12 weeks?
I’ve improved in both STRENGTH & SIZE as well as posture and I feel really energized compared to before.  I notice I’m craving healthier food and I don’t crave eating junk food/fast food like I used to.

5. How do you feel about yourself today compared to when you walked in the door?
I feel good and I’ve gotten compliments from a lot of people!


6. If a person was considering taking part in the A12 program but was unsure or skeptical and asked your opinion on whether or not they should do it, what would you say to that person?
If you’re serious about changing your body the A12 works.  I highly recommend it to others, after all “the proof is in the pudding”. Just look at the photos, not just my own… but others from the program and around the world from other A12 coaches. It’s the real deal, it’s not photoshopped. Other people might say they can’t afford it, but I KNEW it was going to be worth it so I was willing to save and do it because I knew Scott as a trainer in the past, I like the way he teaches and I could tell the program was legit.

7. Additional Comments: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
If you want accountability, quality instruction, a coach that cares and a program that’s proven to work, I highly recommend Scott and the Amazing 12 program.


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