A12 Graduate: David

Congratulations to David who just completed his first wave of the Amazing 12 and has already begun his second. Dramatic strength gains, 20.lbs lost, muscle added and a much slimmer waist. David has laid the foundation for an even more dramatic change in the months to come. 


1. You’ve just gone through ‘The Amazing 12’ program, please describe where you are physically today compared to where you were when you first started the program.

I lost 20 lbs., lost fat, gained muscle and built up my endurance. My clothes fit better and my belt goes to the last notch. Multiple people told me how much weight I lost in my face.

2. Describe any strength increases you experienced over the last 12 weeks.

I have drastically raised my level of strength through this program. [On average David was able to add 86%  more weight to the  bar on all of his lifts]
Bench press 106% increase
Lat Pulldown: 94% increase
Military Press 69% increase
Squat 83% increase
Deadlift 80% increase


3. How is ‘The Amazing 12’ different to other gym experiences you have had in the past and how has it changed your approach to training in the future?

I think it came down to being disciplined and overcoming my fears of lifting. The program lays out what you need to do to succeed and John Scott implemented the plan perfectly.


4. What has been the biggest change you have noticed over the past 12 weeks?

The loss of fat around my midsection has been dramatic.

DSC07910David Chain Snap.jpg

5. How do you feel about yourself today compared to when you walked in the door?

I feel more confident and strong. There is nothing like wearing a new shirt that fits you well and getting compliments because of it.

DSC06374_Drew DAVID JD .jpg

6. If a person was considering taking part in the A12 program but was unsure or skeptical and asked your opinion on whether or not they should do it, what would you say to that person?

It was well worth the time and money. If you follow the plan, you will be very happy with your results.


7. Additional Comments: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

John Scott Stevens is a professional and he pushes you to be better everyday. Personal trainers are a dime a dozen, but their are few who take it personally if you don’t succeed. He does. That’s the type of trainer I want.


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