The Amazing 12 Omaha, Omaha Elite Kettlebell

Omaha Elite Kettlebell is looking for a few good men and women who are serious about transforming their physiques naturally through intelligent, safe training methods and eating natural foods.

THE AMAZING 12: Twelve Week Physique
OPTIONAL: START ANYTIME <— Based on availability.  

Five Days of training per week in a small group of up to four students per hour  for 12 weeks. Incredibly detailed technique coaching, 3 phase nutrition plan, cardio homework, before, progress and after photos.  We’re not selling promises, we’re selling results. If you have the discipline and will power to follow instructions and plan meals in advance you WILL transform in terms of strength, physique, endurance and overall health.

For less than the cost of hiring your average novice trainer at a local community center and paying them to put you through a program with an unproven track record YOU can have access to THEE most effective and power transformation program PROVEN to deliver results to thousands of people over the course nearly 15 years.

Available Times: 5am-6am, 7am,7:30am, 8am,8:30am, 9am,  Learn More

INTRO PACKAGE: 21-Day Trial $99.00

Attend 3 classes per week for 3 weeks.
Learn the basics, and get a taste of what we offer.

Available Times:

Monday & Wednesday: 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 4:00pm



$175.00/month if you enroll before August 20th.  (Normally $300 / month)
Train with us 3 days per week, get a nutritional plan, personalized lifts, a personalized warm-up routine and cardio homework.


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Group Fitness Classes Omaha, NE

Self-Paced 8 Class Mini-Course $299.00

Get 8 personalized one-on-one sessions to be completed within 90-days.
A lesson, review, workout and homework. Each class is cumulative.
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Amy swinging the 32kg for her first time in private lessons (up from the 12kg she was accustomed to before taking lessons).

Amy J40kg Swing_1.jpg

David Ullsperger32kg 2H Swing.jpg

David swings the 32kg( kettlebell  in a private session while wearing the Push 2.0 band that measures the velocity, power, force and acceleration of his movement.