Becky: Amazing 12 Graduate

How to Lose 27.5 lbs, get 300% Stronger in 12 weeks 

Becky Week 1

Becky Week 12

Becky Week 12

In 12 Weeks I’ve dropped two sizes in clothes, lost 27.5 pounds, and I have a lot more confidence. It has helped me become stronger both inside and out.

Becky Gima

A12 Graduate Becky Gima

Before starting the Amazing 12 Becky was no stranger to hard exercise and had already been attending fitness classes several times a week, but realized she needed and wanted more.

Becky began her 12-Week Journey in mid-August and recently completed her 12th week just before

Serious about making a dramatic change, Becky enrolled in the Amazing 12 and never looked back.

Over the course of 12-weeks Becky participated in personally coached strength training 5-days per week, followed a simplified nutrition plan, performed detailed food journaling and assigned cardio homework.

Week 1 - this used to feel heavy

Getting used to the routine during the first few weeks can be the toughest, but Becky’s enthusiasm stayed high as she continued to see positive changes everywhere she looked: on the scale, in her wardrobe,  the weight-room and in her self-confidence.

Week 12: 3.4x stronger

Becky’s Amazing 12-Week Strength Gains

One “secret” behind the best physique transformations is that in order to look better you must BECOME better; in other words to look the part, you must become it.  During the course of Becky’s 12-week journey she utilized more than a dozen different lifts to look stronger by becoming stronger, but as with any good strength training program the focus was always on the basics.

In the A12 it’s typical for most people to achieve a 125% – 150% increase in strength over the 12 weeks time, but Becky’s numbers far surpassed even those by improving the weights used in week 1 by an AVERAGE of 340%  in week 12.  Of course, lifts that she was completely unfamiliar with before the program increased the most but even those she was very familiar with improved dramatically.

The following numbers show the percentage improvement in weights used for reps from week 1 to week 12 for just a handful of the total lifts used. 

Military Press: increased 350%
Bench Press: increased 300%
Squat: Increased 257%
Deadlift: Increased 167%

In Becky's Own Words...

Compared to when I started, I’m so much stronger today, leaner, and 27 pounds lighter. Over the last 12 weeks my strength has doubled and in some lifts more than tripled!

I’ve had the most significant weight loss with Amazing 12 than any other diet or program I’ve tried in the past. It has taught me that strength training IS key to transforming my body, and when you combine it with targeted cardio and nutrition, magic happens!”

I’ve noticed several changes in myself during the A12 – I’ve dropped two sizes in clothes, I have a lot more confidence, and it has helped me be stronger both inside and out. I’m happier in how I look and feel about myself.

It feels great to accomplish my goals and has carried over into other areas of my life. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

“For anyone who is considering the Amazing 12 but is on the fence, asking my advice: It’s a definite “Yes”. It takes dedication and hard work but that goes with anything that is worthwhile. I say do it because you ARE worth it! The A12 Omaha has been a great supportive community and John Scott Stevens has been a terrific teacher, mentor and friend. What else can you ask for? 

Becky Pressing Big Weight

Becky performing a heavy military for reps on week 12 with weight she could only press once on week 1. 

A12 Graduate: Becky

Strong Looks good on you Becky.