11313 Wright Circle
Omaha, NE 68144
Drop-In Fee: $15.00
Register Online

Bring a water bottle and hand towel.
Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to complete paperwork.
Wear shots and a t-shirt.
Be prepared to train barefoot.

What to Expect
When you drop-in we will begin with a movement screen to keep you safe, then introduce you to 2 or 3 fundamental movements culminating in intense workout, then a cool down.  Our expert instructors will modify all techniques to suit your abilities and or limitations.

We love to meet new people and kettlebell enthusiasts. However, we have a small studio and we’d appreciate it when you drop us a quick note before you stop in.

Please use the following contact form

If you are seeking the highest standard in kettlebell instruction with a high level of personal attention and exercises customized to suit you as individual, Omaha Elite Kettlebell is right for you.

We are located one-stop light away from the Center Street exit on I-80, making our facility within a 20-minute drive of interstate access.

Omaha Elite Kettlebell provides group fitness classes, workshops, and personal training utilizing kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight, and the Functional Movement Screen in combination with the StrongFirst principles to achieve improved movement quality, strength, performance and overall health. We are a small studio limiting ourselves to small group training of 8 people or less per class.

We have been recognized by the founder of the modern kettlebell movement and world renown strength specialist Pavel Tsatsouline to be a licensed provider of StrongFirst’s One-Day SFG User Course (8-hour Kettlebell Workshop).

All of our instructors are SFG (StrongFirst) certified- the world’s highest standard in kettlebell instruction. We also partner with other local area StrongFirst Instructors with expertise in other areas such as nutrition and chiropractic to deliver a well-rounded approach to health & fitness.

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