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Omaha Elite Kettlebell provides group kettlebell classes and personal training incorporating kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight, flexibility training and the Functional Movement Screen in combination with the StrongFirst principles to achieve improved movement quality, strength, performance and overall health.

We have been recognized by the founder of the modern kettlebell movement and world renown strength specialist Pavel Tsatsouline to be a licensed provider of StrongFirst’s One-Day SFG User Course (8-hour Kettlebell Workshop).

Our instructors, as well as some of our students, are SFG (StrongFirst) certified- the world’s highest standard in kettlebell instruction. We also partner with other local area StrongFirst Instructors with expertise in other areas such as nutrition and chiropractic.

In order to ensure the highest standard in kettlebell instruction with a high level of personal attention and exercises customized to suit you as individual we limit our classes to 10 participants.

(expired SFL, SFB, RKCII)

My name is John Scott Stevens,  I discovered the works of Pavel Tsatsouline and my love of kettlebell training in 2007. I intuitively recognized the power and benefit of controlling the awkward weight of a kettlebell through space with nothing but my body to rely on. Through Pavel’s teachings and programming I experienced dramatic strength, fitness, performance and health benefits. When others took notice  and started asking me to train them I went and earned my instructor certification under Pavel Tsatsouline in 2008.  Since then I’ve successfully helped hundred of clients achieve improve strength, fitness and athletic performance. My clients have included young children, athletes, average hard working adults, people returning to exercise for the first time in decades,  grandparents who want to keep up with their grandchildren and everything in between.

I have completed the following certifications 
StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level I 2012 – Present
StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level II 2012 – Present
StrongFirst Barbell Instructor 2013 – Present
SBS (Specialist in Bodyweight Strength under Pavel Tsatsouline. Expired. 2012 – 2014 Lapsed and scheduled to re-certify)
FMS Functional Movement Specialist 2010 – Present
CK-FMS Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist ( 2010- 2014)
RKC II 2010 – 2014 (expired)
RKC 2008-2014 (expired),
Additionally I’ve had the honor being invited to be an assistant instructor at StrongFirst and RKC Instructor Certifications – by Pavel.

Strength has a higher purpose.

I believe that strength in all of its forms is a gift meant to keep us healthy, protect & provide for our loved ones, help us express our potential and be used in service of others.  I am passionate about teaching and love to share what I have learned about training strength in a healthy way. Regardless of your fitness or skill level I guarantee that I can find ways to help you improve your level of fitness, strength or improve performance. If I do not know the answer, I will find it… and thanks to my extended network / StrongFirst family around the world I’ve instant access to some of the world’s greatest minds in strength,  fitness and corrective exercise.

Whether you are attempting to conquer your first pull-up, want to learn how to maximize your training time, are training to improve or prolong your athletic career or simply want to look strong and be stronger than you look, I can help get you there.  I promise to keep things as simple as they need to be, look after your health and well being and above all do no harm.

Join me and allow me share with you what I’ve learned:  a simpler, safer and more effective way of training that is sustainable for life so that you can be prepared to handle whatever life throws your way. At Omaha Elite Kettlebell my goal is to help you become STRONGER FOR LIFE.




“Best workout in nearly 15 years…

and the best part was that the challenging workout was coupled with safe, easy-to-understand instruction…and it was honestly fun. He is undoubtedly an expert.,”
-Janine Thiele Bennet NE

“Best workouts I’ve ever had including personal training for NCAA Division IAA football!”

– A. David Paul

“In 4 months I had dropped an extra 30 lbs”

– Kelly Rushlow

“I feel stronger & more energizedthan ever…

I can give those 10 grandchildren a run for their money now”.
-Pat Loontjer, 67

Read More Reviews at http://goo.gl/A7e0v

Read success stories at http://tiny.cc/RKCSuccess


2819 S 125th Ave
Suite 355
Omaha,NE 68144
(Inside Compete Personal Fitness)
For more info please complete my contact form or call  (402) 850-5551

Call to host classes, workshops or a StrongFirst One-Day User Course at your location.
For more info please complete my contact form or call  (402) 850-5551

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  1. Fckin awesome things here. I am very glad to see your article. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail? fdecebbcacef

  2. Hi John, in your opinion, would it be better to have the Russian Kettlebell Certification or StrongFirst (since StrongFirst I think is the American one). How much experience did you have with Kettlebell prior to your certification? I’m thinking I should have a solid 6 months, but I am not sure. Thanks

    • Follow the Source. The RKC is Pavel’s old organization which he left to start StrongFirst. The majority of his leadership( master instructors, seniors & team leaders ) left the RKC to follow the man who taught them while others stayed behind to support John DuCane who was the marketing genius behind the RKC.

      With StrongFirst you will benefit from the most experienced and highly skilled instructors under Pavel. You will also benefit from Pavel’s continually evolving programming and instruction as well as the barbell and Bodyweight courses and certs. Additionally the FMS leadership is tightly connected with StrongFirst as well. I can’t speak badly of the RKC nor do I wish to, but I can’t imagine what they are teaching that is anything other than Pavel’s old material. Additionally, one of Pavel’s strengths is that he constantly innovating and improving his old material while others who have left him are still teaching outdated methods.

      In my opinion StrongFirst is the gold standard.

      Regarding experience, it depends on you.
      I had little to no weight training experience and it took me 8 months. I had no certified instructors in my area, but I followed a proven plan, trained 5 days a week and did tons of research to make sure I avoided common mistakes. I over 20 years experience in martial arts and the martial arts nature of Pavel’s methods really clicked for me quickly, so I think that helped me considerably. To say I worked hard would be an understatement. Someone with more experience could be prepared sooner, but I think six months following a well thought out & proven plan should be enough for a strong and healthy individual. The key is don’t wing it and get instruction from someone who’s been there and done that, otherwise it’s a crap shoot. Best of luck!

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