Imagine a small gym where everybody knows your name. Classes are full of encouragement and laughter. The instructors are all highly certified so they can adjust every technique to the individual. The gym is a friendly non-intimidating atmosphere where the participants are everyday people.  Safety is taught as part-of performance. All of your exercises, weights, reps and sets are individually prescribed and tracked to ensure progress.

If you are seeking the highest standard in kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight  instruction with a high level of personal attention and exercises customized to suit you as individual, Omaha Elite Kettlebell is right for you.

6am Men
Group Photo After Class


Straight up awesome!! Professional instruction from someone who truly cares about your health and fitness. Great group of people always encouraging each other and pushing to each other to the next level. StrongFirst is amazing and I can’t say enough good things about OEKB!!! 

Jamie Hanway 

Scott is a great teacher who takes time to explain every aspect of kettlebell lifting, and if you still don’t quite get it he finds a new way to help you understand. 

I had been lifting most of my life and in the last couple years was doing crossfit. Needless to say my kettlebell technique was terrible. Scott took the time to fix my bad habits which gave me muscle memory that, when applied back to barbell lifts, was much stronger!

I am excited to start the new rugby season to test my new found strength, balance, and endurance.

Zach Korth, D.C.


The personal instruction is wonderful. The coaches take the time to help one on one to give you the motivation to work harder and do the exercises in a manner that give you the best results. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

Sheila North

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