Hosting a SFG User Course at Your Facility

Do you Want to Host a SFG Kettlebell User Course at YOUR FACILITY?

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Hosting a SFG User Course with Omaha Elite Kettlebell is not only a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of kettlebell training but it is also an opportunity to present your facility as a source of the highest quality kettlebell instruction as well as introduce your facility to customers who seek higher standards.


As the host facility you agree to 

  • Host the event by providing a clean, safe and suitable venue for the course.
  • Provide the use of your space for nine consecutive hours, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Promote the course to your customers and network via posting & distributing flyers at your facility, and sending images and copy provided for you to your customers via your email, your website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost involved?

  • The only costs involved is the time, space and equipment required to host the event.
  • Participants must pre-register and pay $299  through

How much space is required?

  • Ideally 4’x6′ (24 square feet) per participant and a high enough ceiling to hold a kettlebell overhead with plenty of clearance.

Minimum & Maximum Participation

  • Ideally, a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum determined by amount of space and bells that can be provided. In the case of groups larger than 10 we will arrange to provide a minimum of 1 StrongFirst™ Certified Instructor for every 10 participants.

What type of flooring is recommended?

  • A flat level floor, artificial turf or a grassy area will do. Protective matting of some sort is ideal, but not necessary while indoors to protect the flooring as well as the participants knees and elbows.
  • If a User Course is held outdoors, please provide an alternate indoor location in the case of bad weather.

Are kettlebells provided?

  • Ideally, the host facility should provide it’s own kettlebells, but depending on the demographics of the group Omaha Elite Kettlebell can provide additional kettlebell for up to 50 participants if necessary.

What Kettlebell Sizes Are Recommended?

  • Every two female attendees will require one each of the following size kettlebells: 18lb (8kg), 26lb(12kg) and 35lb(16kg).
  • Every two male attendees will require one each of the following size kettlebells: 35lb(16kg), 53lb(24kg) and 70lb (32kg).
  • Any brand kettlebell may be used, however I personally recommend the following brands do their ergonomic design, safety and lack of sharp seams:
    Dragon Door, Rogue, Perform Better 1st Place Bells, USA Kettlebells

How Will The Event Be Promoted?

The Course will be listed on website

Omaha Elite Kettlebell will promote the event tirelessly via Facebook, Email Lists, Twitter, Press Releases, Blog Articles, Instagram, Google+, various user groups as well variety of Event Promotion websites.

Omaha Elite Kettlebell will provide professionally designed electronic versions of postcards and flyers with the host facilities name, location and location to be distributed on social media, printed and  and distributed as you see fit.

  • We Are StrongFirst

If you are interested please call 402-850-5551 or complete the request form below.


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