How to Prepare for Your User Course

I’ve received several inquiries from registered SFG User Course Participants asking what they should do to prepare for the SFG User Course.  These inquiries are from individuals who have little to no formal kettlebell training experience and are concerned about being able to perform for 8-hours then return to work the following day.

Let me assure you that while Kettlebell training can be exceptionally intense, the SFG User Course is designed to be an 8-hour educational experience and safety takes the highest priority. All “workouts” are actually “practices” where the reps, sets and rest are recommended and not set in stone.  While everyone receives the same lesson, instructors will modify techniques to suit each individual’s ability and participants can work or rest as they see fit. To put the overall pace and intensity of the SFG User Course into perspective I’d compare it to going for a hike to a scenic area. The overall pace of the course will be equivalent to a steady march up a hill, interspersed with some moderate jogging. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to rest and a few opportunities to sprint or cut-loose if you choose. At the end of the day, as your instructor I want to you be safe, have an enjoyable educational experience and come out feeling stronger than when you walked in.

How to Prepare for the SFG User Course

The SFG User Course has no physical fitness requirements to participate, however I recommend the following steps in order of importance

  1. The highest priority is to get cleared by your physician for intense exercise.
    Kettlebell training can be exceptionally intense. Get cleared by your physician, preferably a cardiologist prior to participating and know your limitations.
  2. The second priority is to be able to achieve a standing toe touch.
    If you cannot comfortably perform a standing straight-legged toe touch with your feet together, then I recommend performing the following toe touch progression daily: FMS Toe Touch Progression
  3. The third priority is to develop a familiarity with the techniques that will be covered.
    While no prior experience is required to attend the SFG User Course I highly recommend purchasing “Simple and Sinister” and or “Enter the Kettlebell” and following the exercise recommendations contained within. Having a passing familiarity with the techniques taught will improve your retention of the material covered and make the course more enjoyable overall.

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