User Course Feedback


Don’t take our word for it, read the feedback from our first group of User Course participants

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the SFG User Course Training in a couple of sentences, I would say:

It was fantastic, lots of hands-on informative information that I can use for myself & my clients.

Thorough overview, done at pace and with sufficient detail to facilitate retention.

Informative & Challenging

Very positive and informative.

An excellent opportunity to review, renew & kickstart my kettlebell experience since I had been away for a couple of years.

Very informative. Gained an appreciation for the complexity of the movements and the benefits that could be gained w/practice.

It was so helpful in educating me about the proper technique of kettlebell training.

Intense, but doable for anyone. Great education.

A well paced in depth approach to basic form & technique in a limited number of SFG KB exercises.

I felt like it was avery well structured, taking the client from technique to implementation smoothly.

Awesome experience! Outstanding, safe instruction. Would highly recommend to those interested in learning proper form & continuing education.

It was a full day of great energy and instruction.

What three aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

1. There were a great amount of instructors, (4 level SFG Level 2 instructors), so there wasn’t anything missed, with form or information.
2. The instructors all had different advice, all useful -> showed similar but different techniques to the same objective.
3. So much information that can improve me as a coach.

1. Instruction on fundamentals.
2. Advice on putting together a workout.
3. Cautions, so I can avoid injury.

1. The emphasis on proper form.
2. Explaining why breathing was so important for effectiveness.
3. Position of hips, knees, glutes and abs.

1. Instruction & demonstration of the swing & getup.
2. Small Class
3. Instructor knowledge & helpfulness.

1. High instructor to student ratio.
2. Slow instruction w/ lots of practical application.
3. Plenty of modificiations to work up/down to.

1. Good teacher to student ratio – helps with feedback for improvement.
2. & 3. (left blank)

1. Proper form & techniques
2. Mini-drills to master technique
3. Demonstrations (to do & not to do)

1. It was a great review of the basic techniques.
2 & 3 (left blank)

Please share your thoughts on the quality of training and knowledge provided by your instructor(s) this weekend:

Everything was wonderful & I was given additional information for moving forward w/ certifications & what to work on, very much appreciated.

Very good training. Knowledgeable instructors.

Good quality of content

Very knowledgeable, clean, professional.

Excellent and to also have 4 experts at once!!

The instructors wer very knowledgeable. They were able to critique form. Provided good cues to try to make movements easier to learn.


The instructor definitely knows his stuff!!

Very intelligent.

Amazing. Better than anything I have ever had before. Kind people that truly interested in the well being of the student.

I appreciate all, slightly different approaches… makes it easy to learn for all.

I felt like it was very well put together and flowed smoothly.

Outstanding, safe instruction. Easy to understand – great comparisons to grasp concept.

The training is top notch and all instructors are very knowledgeable on the subject.

How did the SFG User Course course compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

I was given a lot more than expected, which is awesome.

(left blank)

Good in terms of practical use.

First Course!

Very high quality of instruction and materials.

Very different exercises than I am familiar with doing. The isntructors made experiencing something new and challenging less difficult.

Far above any other course I’ve taken

I have never done any formal training before.

More practical application (more of a workout) as opposed to “lecture” style.

Compared very well to other education I received.

Excellent! Would highly recommend!

The techniques covered in the class are easy enough to learn quickly, but take a while to master. And the instructors are all masters.

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