★★★★★ It Changed My Life!

“Hey Scott! I was talking with Janae the other day (she’s my hair lady) and I was telling her what I’ve been up to in way of working out. And she told me I should email you to let you know…

Since I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere now, I do everything at home, by myself. I learned A LOT from you in the short time I came to your class and I’ve been practicing what I learned and remembering a lot of things you told me.  I’ve increased my weights (some 60%-squats & chest press) in the past 4 months. I feel like my swings have really improved and I’m finally to the point that I need to get a heavier KB! I have had no injuries and feel stronger than I ever have in my whole life.

I have to say I never would have worked so hard at strength training (with good form) or increasing weight if it weren’t for you I was way off on what I thought was the best type of workout for me. I’ve seen changes in my body that I’ve never seen before b/c I always focused on “cardio” and NEVER strength training, until I met you. I’m amazed at what I can do with so little (if that makes sense). I don’t need fancy machines or a gym membership, all I need is my kettlebells and determination. I have you to thank for teaching me a much needed lesson.

My entire outlook of “working out” is forever changed thanks to you.

In the past I used to focus on light weight exercises with high # of reps…. (A couple 5lb dumbbells would suffice, I didn’t want to “bulk up”!)….How many lunges can I do in 30secs, or how many push-ups, squats, etc. I didn’t focus on proper form or the weight I was holding, and that’s exactly how I injured myself, trying to beat my # from the last round. Now because of you, I workout smarter. I choose exercise/weight appropriate KBs, and focus on say 5 perfect squats…or 8 perfect deadlifts. I focus on form and the weight in my hand(s), not #’ of reps.

I used to spend hours doing cardio & very light weights, without seeing results. When I learned how to properly strength train, it changed my life…how I work out, how I measure success and how much I never knew I was capable of.

I’ve lost quite a few inches and gone down a pants size since I started, but the scale hasn’t moved a whole lot…..Which used to cause me a LOT of tears, heartache, and depression…. and cause me to do more cardio and not eat properly and all kinds of terrible self hating things!! But now I know I’m building some badass muscle and I look in the mirror instead of at the scale ;)” – Jenni Dein

★★★★★ As a kettlebell novice I was BEYOND nervous to attend a class. Now that I’ve done so, I think I’m hooked! John was very professional and he, and the other class members, were extremely welcoming. I love the small class size. A+ facilities and atmosphere. Prior to coming the heaviest weight that I’ve ever handled was 15lbs. 1st class – deadlifted 106 “with great form” according to John. Can’t wait to grow in strength and confidence. – Charl0tte

★★★★★ The personal instruction is wonderful. The coaches take the time to help one on one to give you the motivation to work harder and do the excersizes in a manner that give you the best results. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. – Sheila

★★★★★ Straight up awesome!! Professional instruction from someone who truly cares about your health and fitness. Great group of people always encouraging each other and pushing to each other to the next level. StrongFirst is amazing and I can’t say enough good things about OEKB!!! – Jamie

★★★★★ It has excellent instruction with safe and simple techniques. The group is extremely positive and it causes everyone within it to push each other. This class is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get an awesome workout in a safe and positive environment


“Best workout in nearly 15 years…

and the best part was that the challenging workout was coupled with safe, easy-to-understand instruction…and it was honestly fun. He is undoubtedly an expert.,”
-Janine Thiele Bennet NE

“Best workouts I’ve ever had including personal training for NCAA Division IAA football!”

– A. David Paul

“In 4 months I had dropped an extra 30 lbs”

– Kelly Rushlow

“I feel stronger & more energizedthan ever…

I can give those 10 grandchildren a run for their money now”.
-Pat Loontjer, 67

Well worth your money!
By Vanessa Martin / Omaha, United States

I never heard of kettlebells until my cousin told me about it and how much she liked it. I went to one of the classes to see what her talk was all about and I fell in love with it!! Every technique that was demonstrated followed with the benefits of the move and the proper technique. Scott is very patient and wiling to teach you everything he knows. I never knew the benefits of muscle building until I met Scott! He has also offered me help on building muscles in certain areas and help guide me on getting the physique that I’ve always dreamed of. He’s a great instructor and I’m so glad I’ve gotten the opportunity on learning a new way to exercise. I’ve never gotten as many compliments on my body until I started doing kettlebell classes. I feel so much stronger and not to toot my own horn but my body is looking more amazing by each class I take LOL! Scott you are thee best!!

10/10Biggest Bang for the Buck in the Workout Arena
By Jean Thomsen / Omaha, USA

I’ve done a lot of different exercises over the years including swimming, running, biking, raquetball and had some experience with a personal trainer. The latter experience with a trainer was bad, so I was hesitant to train with Scott. It didn’t take long to figure out that he’s the real deal though; he knows what he’s doing and he knows how to teach it. I’ve made it a point to attend his classes three times a week unless I’m out of town. I feel better than I have in years, and evidently look better as well since friends and family that haven’t seen me in a while ask what I’m doing to stay in shape. Thanks, Scott!

10/10 Nothing to fear!”
By Stephanie Guido / Omaha, NE, USA

I was so scared to try a kettlebell class, I put it off for months. I was overweight, severely out of shape and dealing with several physical issues (bad knees, tennis elbow, tight shoulders, etc.). I was sure I would either get injured or look ridiculous. Scott is extremely knowledgeable, and skilled at adapting the routine to accommodate various fitness levels. When I started, there was no way I could squat, I couldn’t even climb stairs without severe pain. Scott was able to regress the movement back to a place where I could start, and eventually progress to a regular squat. I’m happy to say I can easily climb stairs now with no pain at all. Scott is a master of his craft!

10/10 Extremely Professional and Knowledgeable”
By Becca C. / Omaha, USA

Scott is a great RKC trainer – I haven’t been as much as I would like due to schedule conflicts but he clearly knows his “stuff” and makes the class interesting, diverse, and effective. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is clear Scott is very concerned about form and positive results. I highly recommend him!!!

10/10Great for all levels”
By Alisa H / Omaha, USA

Being a newbie to class John Scott took his time to show me the proper techniques all while pushing every student in class to do their in class. Every class I been to have been a little bit different, so it is never boring.

10/10 Teaches proper technique”
By Jane Bies / Omaha, NE, USA

I am most thankful for John Scott Stevens expertise in teaching me proper kettle bell technique. I appreciate the learning techniques he shares. For example, when learning the “get up” he had me hold a paper cup full of water. I learned if I do the technique right the water will remain straight, balanced and will not spill. Because of John Scott, I feel safe and more confident. I am already seeing the results of proper technique giving me a much bigger “bang for my buck.” John Scott is not only a great instructor but also a kind person making the learning process most enjoyable. Thanks John Scott!

10/10 Best workout in nearly 15 years”
By Janine Theiler / Bennet, USA

Family and friends thought that I was a bit crazy for traveling over an hour just to work with an RKC instructor, but learning from John Scott Stevens was worth every minute of the drive. I had never touched a kettlebell before, but the thorough, clear, and detailed introduction left me wanting more of these crazy cannonball-like workout tools….and I attribute my enthusiasm to the expert instruction that I received from RKC Scott Stevens.

I don’t think that I have come close to pushing myself as hard in….oh maybe 15 years. Even a hard run doesn’t take me near what John Scott Stevens pushed me….and the best part was that the challenging workout was coupled with safe, easy-to-understand instruction…and it was honestly fun. He is undoubtedly an expert, and I appreciated it. I will, without question, be returning for more in the near future.

10/10Mr. Stevens Helped My Son Excel, To say we are pleased is understatement.”
“As fitness professional I am acutely aware of the dangers of unqualified and over-ambitious trainers.  I believe there is no excuse for a trainer injuring an athlete in the weight room. When it came time to find a qualified and competent trainer Scott Stevens, RKC II was a perfect fit.

Within a few months of enrolling my son Liam with Omaha Elite Kettlebell Scott Stevens has helped Liam improve his discuss throw by over 100 feet! In his first year throwing Liam placed 6th in the discus at nationals and 3rd place in shot put.  Scott’s training played a significant role.

We were so happy with the results that we recently re-enrolled for another 12-week session. Now, after five weeks of pre-season kettlebell training 3-days a week, Liam has gained 12lbs of muscle.  Not only has he gained size but it’s real functional strength!  While Liam’s previous personal best in the shot put was 43ft with the 8lbs, Scott has helped him beat last year’s personal best… using the 12lb shot.  So not only is he is using a shot put that’s 50% heavier but he’s throwing it even further!!!  To say we are pleased is understatement.

As a fitness professional with 23 years experience (fitness director, personal trainer, fitness instructor, sports conditioning trainer and athlete) I give Scott Stevens my highest recommendation.  Scott has the right combination of philosophy, concern, knowledge and expertise to help young athletes condition their bodies safely and efficiently.  Scott is a trainer that cares about his clients as individuals and makes sure that he teaches them the principles and techniques to keep young athletes joints healthy and resilient throughout their athletic career.

Not only has Scott helped my son, but I’ve personally participated in two of his kettlebell workshops. I can attest first hand that he makes safety the first priority while providing an appropriately challenging, well structured and intense training experience.

When it comes to effective, serious and safe kettlebell training for performance and durability
Scott Stevens, RKC II and Omaha Elite Kettlebell is the obvious choice.

Geri Hennessy,
Plattsmouth Community Center Fitness Director / Events Director

10/10 “
The Next Level”
By James Elton / Omaha, USA

I have always considered myself to be in pretty good shape. Starting RKC helped take my fitness to the next level. I learned new exercises and proper techniques for old ones. I get a better work out, in a shorter amount of time. In addition, I have improved balance, flexibility, and core strength. The atmosphere in the classes is very casual and supportive. Scott is extremely knowledgable, and able to combine all facets of fitness into his programs. I highly recommend Omaha Elite Kettlebell.

10/10Great introduction to kettlebells”
By Brenda Jones / Fort Worth, Tx, USA

The first class was very precise, helping me to get a good view of what I should be doing. The introductory class was interesting enough to keep me coming back for more, but not so much that I would be out of my league. John did well in gauging what I was ready to do. I do not live in the Omaha, NE area, but will definitely look for an instructor in my area when I return to my home.

10/10 Great Instructor”
By John Michael Stevens / Omaha, NE

“I played football in highschool and college, I know my way around the weight room.

Within 2 weeks of training with Scott I noticed a considerable improvement in strength, form, control and stability. He’s helped me to achieve safer and stronger alignment in me knees, back and shoulders during lifts. When I returned to my normal weight room routine I was effortlessly throwing the same weights around that I was using just two weeks earlier.”


10/10 Great Value, Talented Instructor, Fast Results!”
By Dave O’Neal / Omaha, NE

Scott is a very talented instructor. He manages to make sometimes complex concepts easy to understand and apply. He never gives up looking for ways to make what he is training meaningful to each and every member of his classes in spite of differences in abilities, experience, and physical limitations. Scott’s insistence on safety and technique not only demonstrate his complete understanding of kettlebell movements and concepts, but have also actually improved my pace of flexibility and strength gains. It’s a truly functional workout that has improved my golf game by adding an easy 30 yards to my drives and made playing out of sand traps a breeze. Scott’s kettlebell classes are truly the best fitness value in the Omaha area, and would be anywhere. Local gyms are charging up to three times the rates Scott does, Scott’s training is second to none in this area. If you are considering kettlebell training or a new fitness challenge that will deliver fast results you could make no bette

10/10 Great instructor”
By Sheri Keffeler / Omaha

Scott is very informative and did a great job showing me proper form for the bells. I believe this is a good class for getting into great shape. I was in a class that was a pretty advanced set of individuals. I would have been more comfortable in a beginners class. I hope that will be a possibility in the future.

10/10 Great Results”
By Jeff DeWispelare / Southwest YMCA

I trained with Scott for over a year. He is a great teacher who takes time to explain every aspect of kettlebell. I have 2 herniated disks in my back so I was skeptical at first but with proper instruction and focus on safety I was able to experience kettlebell without any pain. In fact my back never felt better and I was able to get in the best shape since I played football in college.I would highly recommend kettlebell and Scott as an instructor to anyone!!

10/10Amazing Instructor!”
By Julie Madott / Omaha, NE

I have been working with Scott for over a year now, and have lost approximately 20 pounds, and more importantly, my strength gains have been remarkable.Scott is a very gifted instructor. His teaching technique is clear, concise and straightforward. His classes are always different, well-organized and he is able to cater to all levels of ability even in a group setting. Although there can be several people to a class, I always feel as if the workout was designed solely for me. Scott?s knowledge and expertise allow him to identify each participant?s strengths and weaknesses, and he consciously helps each person work toward their individual goals.I am definitely hooked on kettlebell training thanks to Scott?and I look forward to greater strength gains and many more tough workouts to come!

10/10Visible changes!”
By Sandy W / Omaha, NE

I initially signed up for Kettle bell classes only because my friend wanted to try it. I was not enthusiastic at first but I am now. After less than a month I began to see changes. Even though I had participated in numerous 5 k events it wasn’t until after I began the kettle bell classes that I was finally able to run the entire 5k without stopping to walk at some point. I was thrilled with my improved endurance. I also finally broke through a weight loss plateau that I had been stalled at for quite some time.
The instructor’s knowledge, patience and encouragement are what make this a success for me. He ensures that I am learning and using the correct form and that I have realistic expectations of learning new skills and pace of progress.
I have worked with three different personal trainers in the past two years and this is the first time I feel like I am in competent hands with someone who believes in my goals and will help me to achieve them.
Previously I have taken spin classes, Zumba and Pilates with some positive results but I am more pleased with the whole body results and improved balance, strength and endurance I am already seeing with my kettle bell instructor.

10/10 First rate introduction”
By ATL / Papillion, NE

Had an introductory course with Mr. Stevens. It was structured and well organized. Safety was well covered for new comers to kettlebells. Proper form was shown then ours was critiqued and corrected where necessary. More advanced classes and moves were discussed and demonstrated. I look forward to further training with Mr. Stevens.

10/10 “Great class and workout”
By tmanzer / Omaha, NE

I started Scotts Kettlebell class in April and after only 3 months I hae really noticed a difference.I am noticing some definition as well as some loss in inches. Scott does a great job keeping you motivated and challenged.Scott is a great instructor making sure your form is correct and safe. I have some goals set and i am positive Scott will lead me there. It is a great class that is fun and definetely twice the workout of a regular gym workout. I have to say I’m hooked and his class is highly recommended.

10/10Excellent Instructor”

By Dr. Zachary Korth DC / Omaha, NE

Scott is a great teacher who takes time to explain every aspect of kettlebell lifting, and if you still don’t quite get it he finds a new way to help you understand. For me, I had been lifting most of my life and in the last couple years was doing crossfit. Needless to say my kettlebell technique was terrible. Scott took the time to fix my bad habits which gave me muscle memory that, when applied back to barbell lifts, was much stronger! Scott also incorporates core stabilization through breathing which is a huge part of lumbar spine integrity and explosive movements used in most sports. Dynamic Neuromuscular stability (DNS) is another course that I have taken that deals strongly in this. He also uses FMS to get a better picture of your ability level in an effort to correct weaknesses you might not know you have. I am excited to start the new rugby season to test my new found strength, balance, and endurance.

10/10 Sets a High Standard”
By Shelli Johnson / Lander, WY USA

I am an endurance athlete and fitness enthusiast who lives in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. I recently was in Omaha for a week to visit family in the area.
In Lander, WY, I work with a coach and at a gym that is hard core and high standard. I regularly use kettlebells, barbells, sand bags, as well as do pullups, dips, burpees, and several other exercises. I expect a lot from my workouts and it takes a lot to wear me out and feel like I’ve gotten a thorough conditioning.
To mix it up with some cardio I did while in Omaha, I enlisted Scott to instruct me in hardstyle kettlebells. I attended two different group lessons. They were phenomenal experiences for me, and both times I left drenched in sweat and completely “worked out.”
I especially appreciated Scott’s strict technique instruction and help, as well as his knowledge when it comes to adequately stretching prior to kettlebell training. We did a bunch of tabatas, as well as some hard complex sets. My favorite was the finale at my second lesson where we went outside and did figure 8s, swings, then threw the kettlebell. Walked to it, and repeated, until reaching the other side of the soccer field.
Scott is a top shelf instructor. I received not only a great workout both times, but most importantly, a good education and better understanding about kettlebell training.
I highly recommend him and his class(es)!

10/10Chiropractor Approved”
By Kathy Kloewer / Omaha, NE

As a chiropractor, I’m always looking for instructors of exercise programs that are knowledgable in the body and how it functions. Scott definitely fits the bill. I was very impressed with the testing that he did prior to letting me join the kettlebell class. It was very informative and revealed areas of “trouble” that I didn’t realize I had. The actual class had me sweating and working hard. He directed a terrific class and focused on ways to work the entire body. Loved the experience and how Scott would give tips as the class progressed. I appreciated a great work out

10/10Excellent class, excellent instructor….”
By Dallas L.. / Omaha, NE USA

I used to go to the gym 3-4 days a week to lift. I never saw much in the way of visible results. With kettlebell, I get everything done in one class, and I can see results fast. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, gained shoulder definition and built up posterior muscles that I never thought I had. I’ve recommended this class to my wife and my friends. My wife just joined, and she loves the intensity. John Scott is a natural teacher/leader, and his work out routines have made me a devoted Kettlebell convert.

10/10 One of the best work-outs I know”
By Suzanne / LaVista,Ne

Scott Stevens is one of the best instructors-teachers that I have known in my life time (I’m over 50). He has this personality,style that goes with any other personality. His work ethics is second to none. Scott makes everyone in the class feel like they are important. I like the way he helps and advises people with their techniques. Scott will take the time to make sure you understand the proper way to do the exercise in as many ways until you get it. I always feel like I get a good workout when I come to Kettlebell class. I really like how Scott challenges everyone and himself. I always feel that Scott will go above and beyond to help you in anyway he can. I feel that Scott’s knowledge of kettlebell that he teaches is excellent, and he is willing to learn more to teach more of kettlebell. My physical results are slow, but I know slow is good as long as it is steadygoing in the right way, and I believe that Kettlebell with Scott is the right way.

10/10 Great assistant!!!”
By Eric Skinner / Oklahoma City, OK

I met Scott at my RKC certification in June. He was very supportive & quick to provide insight that helped us all improve. IF you want to better yourself than contact Scott. Thanks for making our experience so great.

10/10 A great assistant!”
By Diana Behrend / Slinger, WI

I met Scott this past weekend at my RKC. I absolutely loved working with Scott. He had great corrections. He was very respectful. He was always watching, either from right by your side or from across the room-always ready to jump in and help out! Scott made himself very much available to any and all my questions, plus he was very comforting in regards to the whole “nervous” atmosphere!
Thanks so much Scott for all your help-without you my dream would not have happened. I’m very proud to be a new member of the family!

10/10 Fun and challenging with Results!!”
By Janae Henry / Omaha, NE USA

Prior to taking Mr. Steven’s kettlebell class, I was maintaining my weight with running and weightlifting 1.5 hours 5 days/week. I was bored and in need of something new. I then began doing kettlebell 1 hour 3 times a week. Not only did I maintain my weight with less than half the time spent at the gym, but I saw added muscle definition as well. When I decided I wanted to lose some weight, Scott encouraged me to keep a food journal and we upped the intensity of some of my workouts. I quickly lost 12 lbs and am on my way to losing more. Thanks to Scott’s fun and challenging class I enjoy working out and am in the best shape of my life. For the first time ever I feel like an athlete. It is a very professional class- he is very knowledgeable and always makes sure we are doing the movements safely and explains why this is important. There are people of all ages and walks of life in our class and we are all very addicted to kettlebell.

10/10 An awesome all-around work-out”
By Rosie / Omaha, NE

My RKC instructor is John Scott Stevens at the YMCA, Omaha, NE. I have taken many fitness classes at the Y and at other gyms. Scott is by far the best I have ever had. He has a real gift for teaching. He is innovative and creative with each class changing up the routine just enough to keep it interesting and fun. I have learned a ton, and can notice a marked difference in my strength, endurance, and agility. I have competed in half and full marathons, and I notice that in the short time I have been doing kettle bell, I have improved my pace, and hills are less of a challenge. My friends have really noticed a difference/ remarked in my muscle tone and definition.

I am not a natural athlete. I am willing to try and to test myself, but my muscles tend to be tight, and I don’t pick up on techniques easily. I am not the kind of person who can watch someone do something and repeat it. Scott is able to articulate that which I am doing incorrectly. He is able to explain the move so that I am able to complete it with good form.

Scott is committed to correct form and technique. He watches each participant individually and gives constructive ideas to help the individual improve their form. He tailors muscle-stretching exercises for each pupil to improve strength and agility.
He is extremely observant so that no one gets hurt.

Scott has an uncanny ability to push his students to the point that they feel challenged and victorious, but also knowing not to cross the line that one might quit. It is a very fine line and he walks it with tremendous grace. He does not give undo praise, but his words of praise are heartfelt and real. He is passionate about teaching and is excited with his students as they learn and grow. He believes in his students. Via his persistence, and encouragement students gain increased natural confidence.

Scott promotes community in his class. I know all my classmates and we encourage each other throughout the class. It is in an individual work-out, and it feels like a team. Scott encourages this sense of cohesiveness, he organizes events to celebrate an individuals accomplishments. I feel like I am part of select few, although the class is open to everyone, not everyone is willing to put themselves out there. Scott has challenged me physically, but the lessons I learn from that class encourage me/ instruct me in multiple areas of my life.

It is clear he loves to teach, that it is very important that his students learn and that they learn it well. He puts a lot of energy towards every class, and his efforts have gained him much deserved respect.

10/10 Unparalleled Workout”
By Rev. A. David Paul / Omaha, NE

Best workouts I’ve ever had including personal training for NCAA Division Iaa football!

10/10 Outstanding!”
By Nancy Sullivan / Bellevue, NE

I was at first hesitant to begin classes due to bad experiences in the past with instructors who were more concerened about themselves than their clients. Totally not the case with Scott, he truly cares for each and everyone of his clients. He never pushes you to be like anyone else in the class, he treats you like you matter, like your health and mental state truly matter to him. He will take time before and after classes to address any and all of your concerns. He cares about safety, about each client understanding proper technique. After each workout I’m completely drained, and it’s great! He’s put my faith back in going to a group training program. I truly appreciate him and how he treats his clients, what an awesome experience!

10/10 “Great personal instruction”
By Nick / lincoln, NE

I began working out with kettlebells a few monthes ago and had made some steady progress on my own with the foundational lifts. I plan to head to an RKC sometime this next year and decided to seek out the help of an RKC instructor. My personal session with John Stevens was intense both physically and mentally. He was very knowledgable about proper technique and movement and able to help me work on some flexibility issues i had. After working with John I definitely have gained a much better understanding of the foundamentals of kettlebell training and the RKC. I now know the true meaning of Hardstyle!

10/10 Great instructor and workout”
By Amy / Seattle, WA

I normally kettlebell in Seattle, but dropped in on one of Scott’s classes while in Omaha visiting relatives. It was a vigorous workout in a nice space with fun people. Scott’s instruction is clearly top notch as his students have great form and I learned some new tricks on cleaning up my own form. Omaha is lucky to have an instructor of his caliber. I’ll definitely stop in again when I’m back in Omaha for the holidays.

By Hartono Wer / Omaha, NE

This testimonial is for Scott Stevens from Omaha Kettlebell. Scott has been instructing and advising me on Kettlebell usage since 2008. I have always been passionate about being physically fit and interested in the most efficient way of staying in shape and looking the part as well. Exercise science and physical fitness have been a big part of my life for many years; since my track and field days in high school to my military days up to the present. Over the past year Scott’s instruction has been immeasurable in the completion of my fitness goals.

Previous to my discovery of the Kettlebell community, I participated in the “mass appeal” forms of physical training; i.e. resistance training three times a week, supers sets in hypotrophy range; then, two or three days of (HIIT) cardio. My workouts did a great job of keeping my body fat low and my muscles pumped up and for a 37 year old that’s not to bad; but honestly, I was not that functionally fit or strong. I was nagged by shoulder instability, a weak lower back and sore knees.

Since I have been instructed/advised by Scott all of those above deficiencies have been improved and some of them have simply vanished. The Turkish get-up has removed my shoulder instability; Kettlebell swings have greatly improved my lower back strength and removed much of the soreness. The Kettlebell Snatches have improved my balance and coordination. The oddest thing (but one of the most positive) was I actually stopped traditional resistance training for six months and exercised with only kettlebells two to three times a week; when I returned to my previous routine all of my lifts only decreased by 10 pounds!!! I then was able to return to my previous levels in less than one month.

I now exercise with traditional resistance training and kettlebells in tandem and I am physically stronger than I have ever been in my life. High repetition swings and snatches have replaced my cardio days and I am now actually having fun while I’m in pain.

I can say that I would not be at this level of fitness if it wasn’t for the proper instruction that I received from Scott. He knows what he is doing, he instructs you on the proper form, the logic behind the movement and joins you while you work. He always shows interest in your improvement and will assist you in achieving you fitness or athletic goals. The most inspiring quality is he like any serious fitness professional is always exercising and making improvements to his own fitness levels and proficiencies. I don’t remember a day (even today) when didn’t see him in the gym grinding those kettlebells (dedication). My thoughts are this: if you want to get yourself in the best possible shape, lose weight, improve your VO2 max, maximize your strength (or all of those things); Scott Stevens is the man to see.

Hartono Wer
Omaha, NE

10/10 Great workout”
By Jan Brusso / Omaha, Ne.

Scott motivates. I recomend this class to anyone looking for an excellent instructor and great workout.

10/10 Great all-in-one workout!”
By Kelly Rushlow / Papillion, NE

I’ve attended many challenging workout routines to include: body attach, power pump, step aerobics, personal training session, martial arts and so forth… Scott Stevens kettlebell class is the most challenging, intensive, well structured, cardiovascular/strength training class that I have ever participated in. A great all-in-one workout!

The knowledge, guidance and quality of training provided by Scott is impressive. He has a way of “torturing” that is actually “fun”! He is the first instructor to actually get me to challenge myself and come back back wanting more.

Scott’s grueling pace coupled with routines that rotate, challenge and expand are never boring.

By Pat Loontjer / Omaha, NE USA

As a 63 year old grandma I was very concerned with staying fit in order to live the life style I wanted and to be able to keep up with my 10 grandchildren. I do Jazzeercise & Yoga but felt that weight training was missing. My first class with Scott Stevens and Kettle Bells was exhausting but Scott was so competent and encouraging that I returned again and again. My progress has been amazing to me and it is all because of Scott. He is patient yet pushes you to improve every time. I learn so much as he explains every move and also shares his wisdom on other health related subjects. At first there was some soreness from muscles I had never used before but that has passed and I feel stronger and more energized than ever. Thanks to Scott I can give those 10 grandchildren a run for their money now.

8/10 Great class!”
By D / Omaha, NE

I’m so surprised that after only two classes I’m seeing real results in my other workouts, both lifting and cardio. I feel stronger. Scott is a good instructor that works with each student. I feel challenged, but not overworked.

9/10 Feel Yourself Getting Stronger”
By Jonathan Siefkes / Omaha, NE

Kettlebell with Mr. Stevens has given me some of the greatest workouts I’ve ever had. It gets your heart pumping, and you can actually feel yourself getting stronger while you’re doing the workout. I’ve seen fast results in strength and fitness. Mr. Stevens does the workout with the class which helps you see how to do it correctly and it gives you a goal for what to work toward. He explains techniques clearly and makes safety the number one priority. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a workout that won’t go to waste.

10/10 Great Workout”
By Deb Aschoff / Omaha, NE

I was intimidated at first when thinking of taking the kettlebell class. I have a weak neck and lower back so thought this would just make it worse. Not True! I do not feel any pulling or straining in those problem areas and any other areas for that matter. After only a couple of weeks I feel stronger and I’m seeing muscle I didn’t even know I had.

Scott is a great instructor and motivator! He keeps the pace going so you are constantly challenged. He is very knowledgeable and makes sure you are using the proper technique for maximum benefit. I highly recommend Scott as a kettlebell instructor!

10/10 Grade A instructor!”
By Aleks Salkin / Omaha, NE USA

I got into kettlebells a few months ago and really found that they are the strength tool for me. I had finally come to the point where I felt like I could use some further instruction and was fortunate to discover Scott. I set up a meeting with him with the intention of getting a critique on my form and technique as well as getting some help on some advanced techniques, and Scott more than met my expectations – he exceeded them! He is very knowledgable in all areas and has a unique ability to explain things simply and effectively. He helped me to improve my technique and showed me other techniques to work on as well. I’ve met with other physical trainers before, but Scott is the only one I’ve ever met who has an acute, in-depth understanding of not only how to do things right, but why to do them right. Scott is a true asset to Omaha’s strength training community and anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their life would be well advised to go to Scott’s classes or set up a private appointment with him! Take it from me, you won’t merely be impressed, you will be AMAZED! If I could rate him as an 11, I totally would!

10/10 The Perfect Workout!!”
By Tiffany Finley / Omaha, NE

I am having a blast working out with the Kettlebells and with Scott. Not only is it fun, it is extremely challenging and I am already seeing results.

At first I was concerned about the weights being too heavy and hurting my back. However, most of the “lifting” is done with the legs and core muscles of the torso. Scott is very meticulous about proper technique and safe lifting form. He is constantly watching the class and correcting posture.

As a swimmer, I am finding that I feel more powerful in the water. I find that the kettlebell works the same muscles I use while swimming – mostly my deltoids and forearm muscles, so it’s a great workout for my days out of the water.

My ab and back muscles are getting a great workout and my waist is getting smaller, not to mention the weight I am losing at a healthy rate. My balance is improving as my core muscles strengthen – which is noticable when I am doing Taekwondo.

The kettlebell workout is a fun, all-around strengthening/cardiovascular workout for those who are seeking a challenge and something new. I would highly suggest you try it out for yourselves! Scott is a very patient, yet motivating instructor and you’ll probably find yourself coming back for more!!

10/10The Complete Workout”
By Allison Knox-Westmeyer / Omaha, NE

As the Fitness Director for the YMCA, I try out all classes to see what they are like. After 10 minutes of Kettlebell, I was hooked!!! It is an intense cardio and weight lifting workout all rolled into one, and the benefits I felt from it were like nothing else I’d ever experienced in the gym. Scott started personal training me with Kettlebells and I saw my body transform overnight. I became stronger in all aspects, and I lost body fat at an incredible rate. I would recommend Kettlebell for anyone looking to enhance their workout routine. You won’t be sorry!

10/10 I’ve never sweated so much in my life!!”
By Hannah Unger / Omaha, NE.

I love working out, but was getting bored with the same “old routine”. Then I tried the Kettle Bell class with Scott and my work out world was shakin up!! Having never touched a kettle bell in my life it took awhile for me to get it, but thankfully Scott is very patient, and explains everything very well so you understand why your doing what your doing, and what not to do to not hurt yourself. This has been one of the hardest classes I have ever taken, but also one of the most beneficial. If you want to see your body change for the better then commit yourself to this class and let Scott help you and show you how to better yourself with a kettlebell. You’ll never sweat so much in your life!!

10/10 It’s never boring!”
By Steve Aschoff / Omaha, NE USA

I’ve participated in Kettlebell training with Scott and it is never Boring! There may be days when I have a hard time committing to doing it, but he always brings me around and he is always very motivational!

Scott also does a great job explaining the benefits of each of the types of routines we do, where we should feel each move working and what the beneficial side effects are (explosiveness, general cardio, etc.). Using the Kettlebell training techniques Scott has shown me has definitely translated into not only an improved physical body composition, but into higher performance in Tae Kwon Do as well! I also have more endurance and increased energy throughout the day.

Anyone who has the opportunity to do so should let Scott show them all the benefits Kettlebell training can provide. You will not regret it!






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