• 8 Cumulative classes scheduled at your convenience and completed within 3-months.
  • Each 50-minute class consists of a lesson, a review and a workout.
  • Highly experienced StrongFirst Certified Instructors will personalize and custom-tailor classes to your ability, learning speed and experience.



Ashlee Double KB

  • Kettlebell 101: The deadlift,  Swing,  Goblet Squat,  Getup, Clean, Press
  • Kettlebell 201: The One-Hand Swings & Double Kettlebell Techniques
  • Kettlebell 301:  Windmill, Bent Press, Push Press, Jerk, Pistol, Juggling
  • Barbell Course: Bench Press, Conventional Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, Back Squat, Front Squat, Military Press,
  • Bodyweight Strength Course: One-Arm Pushup (or One-Arm-One-Leg Pushup), Pull-ups, Handstand, Pistol, Hanging Leg Raise, Front Lever
  • Flexible Steel Course:  Learning principles of strength stretching and flexibility routines tailored to your tight areas.
  • Your Personalized Custom Mini-Course: Up to six techniques of your choosing


Course Times Available by Appointment:

  • 10am-2:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
  • 6:30pm-7:30pm Monday, Wednesday
  • Occasionally Tuesday, Thursday 6am. Saturday 9am.

Time-Slots May be shared with up to three other students who are learning the same material of similar ability & subject matter.

Self-Paced Mini-Course

8 self-paced training sessions covering 6 techniques of your choosing. Each class is taught by a StrongFirst certified instructor, is cumulative and consisting of Review, a Lesson and a Workout. Classes must be scheduled in advance. All classes must be completed within 90-days. Contact Scott at 402-850-5551



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