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Men, Get Your Best Physique 

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Introducing the Amazing 12

Imagine having access to a paint-by-numbers system guaranteed to dramatically transform your physique and increase your strength in 12 Weeks. 

Now, imagine this system is so effective it delivers a better transformation in 12-weeks than most people ever achieve in 12-months. 

You probably don’t believe this is real, but I’m going to assure you it is. Not only has the Amazing 12 body transformation program by Paul McIlroy  changed thousands of lives and bodies  around the world, but now it's already changing lives just like yours here in Omaha. 

The A12 combines proven time-test training methods with sustainable, flexible and varied nutritional programming, ensuring rapid and amazing results that many would claim impossible.

Amazing 12 Graduate Josh

Flexible Nutrition

Tailored to you, flexible nutrition plans to suit your lifestyle, needs and body to ensure you see the best results possible whilst still enjoying what you eat.

Challenging Training Plans

Precise training plans built around you and your goals with workouts designed to help you get your metabolism up and waist line down in no time.

Guaranteed Results

We pride ourselves on the results we help people achieve. Therefore we guarantee you see the complete body transformation you’ve always wanted.

The Amazing 12 Difference

The Amazing 12 is different in that it's not a fitness challenge, it's a foregone conclusion that has worked for thousands of people. Follow the program and you WILL get the result. 

The Amazing 12 is not a boot-camp it's a program that prioritizes strength, safety, mastery of fundamentals, intelligent progression, time-management and LOTS of healthy eating to achieve a body that looks better because it makes you better physically in every way.

  • No high-risk exercises.
  • No random workouts.
  • No guess-work.


  • 5 Training Sessions per week x 12 weeks
  • The Amazing 12's fool proof system with over 15 years of success
  • World Class Coaching on Technique subtleties that optimize results
  • Receive personal coaching during each session
  • Small Class Sizes of 4-participants per coach
  • Bonus introductory Week to learn the basis
  • Make-up sessions when available
  • Daily Text / Email / Phone Support 
  • Before and after photos
  • A 3-phase Nutrition Plan
  • Additional Cardio Programming
  • Functional Movement Screen and Personalized Warm-Up Routine
  • Personalized techniques and exercises wherever necessary
  • Online Food Journaling and support
  • Access to use state of the art tech to track power and force production


I've tried a multitude of other programs in the past, including boxing, MMA, heavy weight lifting, HIIT cardio, anything you can think of, but never saw anywhere NEAR the same results as I did with this program. The before and after photos are real guys. You WILL achieve the same results if you follow this program. Scott is one of the easiest people to work with and become friends with. If you want real results, then stop waiting and call Scott.

Cory Dyer

Amazing 12 Graduate Josh

The reason why I did the Amazing12 was because I saw the transformation some friends did and was impressed with their results. The classes are small, which means 1 on 1 time with the coach/s and they adjust your workouts based on your numbers.

I've had a personal trainer in the past and it's the same old thing, I show up, he works you out and that's it. There's no extra work those trainers are putting in to help and better you. With the A12, John Scott Stevens put in that extra effort and catered to my needs and goals.

Josh Trout

Compare to when I started I’m stronger, much stronger. It’s my 2nd time through and the strength gains were great, just really built on what I accomplished the first time through. I dropped another waste size and am down to the size I wore at 20 years old! Compared to the very first time - I don't recognize myself in the before and afters. 

The simplicity  is the best part and should be the most appealing thing. You'll feel like a million bucks when you're done and you'll accomplish more in 12 weeks than anything you'll do on your own or in most of the more complex programs. For the amount of training and education you get makes it worth every penny.

Jim Farrell