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Aldo: 266% Stronger

In Just 12 Weeks!

"Compared to when I first started I’m  Physically much healthier and stronger."


Aldo was no stranger to fitness when he came to the Amazing 12. After trying other popular training methods that treated workouts like a competition and encouraged trying to set a personal best each session he found himself injured, frustrated and ready for change. The A12's #LeastMode approach was just what the Doctor ordered. 

In contrast to the High Intensity "Go Hard or Go Home" approach that's popular today, the A12 knows that the secret to breaking through your old limits  is to work wisely within them. 

Aldo's 12-Week Strength Gains

Make no mistake  the secret behind an A12  transformation is NOT fat-loss, severe caloric restriction, or  months of beat-down high-intensity "Hero" workouts. The A12 is a strength program supported by nutrition to transform you inside out.

A12 grads like Aldo know that in order to look better you must BECOME better; in other words to look the part, you must become it. 

As is common in the  A12 Aldo's strength and performance increased dramatically. By week 2 Aldo had already improved his one rep max in the deadlift by 144%, and by Week 12 the weight used in all lifts had increased by an average of 266%.

In Aldo's Own Words...

‘The Amazing 12’ is different to other gym experiences I’ve have had in the past.  I used to think that lifting heavy and eating as much as possible will get me the result, but I was wrong all this time. The A12 has changed my approach to now look at the  training more as part of a whole , from the clean diet to the small steady progressive increase in weight. It's the building of a better habit and lifestyle that makes the most difference in my honest opinion. The A12 has helped me to train hard and SMART.

The biggest changes I’ve noticed over the past 12 weeks have been in my physique and my lifestyle change. I can tell that my clothes starting to fit me tighter, and my jeans starting to fall below my waist line. But I'd say the biggest change is my lifestyle. I don't miss processed foods, junk food at all and I intend to keep going with the diet program.

Today, I feel so much more confident, both physically and mentally than when I walked in the door 13 weeks ago. I have never been able to inspire other people around me to live healthier. Now, with the results that I have and with the before/after picture , I have more confidence in inspiring people that change is possible.

If you’re considering the Amazing 12 but unsure or skeptical and asking my opinion…
Like nike would say, just do it. It's only 12 weeks, and the change/transformation both physically and mentally is permanent and definitely worth it.

Trust the process! Commit to it, and you'll get the result you want."

Get Your Best Physique

In Just 12 Weeks!