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"If you’re serious about transforming your strength, fitness, and overall muscularity 
the Amazing 12 Omaha is a must."

Meet Aleks

  • Aleks is no stranger to fitness, a certified instructor in many modalities and a fit-pro with a successful online business, a podcast, workshops, and a growing online following.  You can check him out at

A Time for Change

As is part and parcel with the fitness world every coach needs a coach and one of the reasons Aleks undertook the A12 was to see if he could get stronger, pack on additional muscle while someone else did the programming for him while chasing the physique and fitness results he’d seen others attain in the A12 program. 

Challenge Accepted

As it turned out, Aleks had recently moved back to Omaha and asked if he could do the A12 with me. Back in 2008 Aleks was my first private  kettlebell student ever and he’s been helping others kick weakness’s butt to the curb on an international scale ever since. I KNEW the combination of Aleks’s attention to technique, discipline, and track record as a self-starter was going to enable him to achieve his goals. 



From the very beginning, Aleks trusted the process. He was quick to catch on to the nutrition plan and literally ate like it was his job.  His technique was always on point, progress was unstoppable and there were days we were both amazed by the insane muscular pump he got particularly in his upper body during training sessions.  THEN about 6 weeks in … the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. With safety protocols in place and constant cleaning, Aleks weathered the storm and not only did he literally “finish strong”, he finished MUCH STRONGER!

    • Aleks transformed his 5 rep max in the barbell back squat into a 30 rep max!!!!!

    • In both his bench press and military press he took his 10-rep maxes and turned them both into 20-rep maxes.  Despite only trained chin-ups for 2 weeks at the end of the program, he was able to perform pull-ups with a 70lb kettlebell. 

    • And For the first time in years, Aleks rapidly packed on 7lbs of muscle while staying lean.

Aleks A12 Graduate

The kind of physique transformations the A12 is known for are the result of knowing what kind of work matters most. While other programs prioritize cardio workouts to burn as many calories as possible,  the A12 knows better and focuses on lots of strength work and healthy eating. 

“ It was easy to do the work because everything was pre-planned and the incremental progressions kept me going in way where I saw progress in every training session progress without psyching myself out."

Alek's journey is the perfect example of that; despite coming into the program in great shape, he still noticed his performance  went through the roof.  Even more importantly… the intelligent approach to fitness, strength and conditioning that the A12 introduced have will be something he integrates into his future training. 

"Thanks to the A12 I discovered that I can handle far more volume in terms of repetition and training frequency than I thought and still reap all the rewards, somethings I’ll be incorporating in my future training."
"Upon graduating I was very happy with my increased muscularity , added 7lbs of bodyweight , stronger glutes, back, and particularly my arms: they got huge."

Get Your Best Physique

In Just 12 Weeks!

Starting May 10th 2021
Enrollment currently underway!


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