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Jonathan: Leaner and Stronger than Ever

In Just 12 Weeks!

Amazing 12 Omaha Graduate Jonathan Siefkes

"I am the leanest and strongest I have ever been in my life."

Meet Jonathan

Since an early age Jonathan was involved in competitive sports including basketball, football, track and martial arts. In his teens he discovered the benefits of Hardstyle kettlebell training and used it to great effect to supplement his high school basketball performance. His passion for fitness and strength continued through college and now he’s maintaining his routine in his adult/professional life.

A Time for Change

For the last 6-months he had been coasting by in the weight room; his routine and progress has become stagnant. Choices he was making on the weekends were affecting his performance at work, as well his health and mood. Seeking more stability and structure in his schedule, as well as a healthier lifestyle he thought the Amazing 12 could be the perfect way to go about it.

Challenge Accepted

Ever since learning about the Amazing 12 Jonathan wanted to give it a shot and promised me that once he did he would achieve the best transformation of all. Actually, his exact words were "I can beat that". Jonathan’s after photos and strength gains are proof positive that he meant every word.

Amazing Strength Gains

Jonathan approached the A12 with the same mindset and tenacity he'd developed in sports and martial arts… and totally CRUSHED IT.

At 6’4” Squats and Deadlifts had always been personally challenging, but thanks to the technique and programming provided his working sets in the squat both improved by 100 lbs each. His working sets in the Bench Press and Military Press increased by 130lbs and 65lbs respectively! A week after completing the A12 Jonathan maxed out his bench press at a new personal best of 325 lbs and completed a 175 lb pull-up BOTH at a bodyweight of 185 lbs!!!

1 Cardio Workout A Week

The kind of physique transformations the A12 is known for are the result of knowing what kind of work matters most. While other programs prioritize cardio workouts to burn as many calories as possible,  the A12 knows better and focuses on lots of strength work and healthy eating. 

Jonathan’s journey is the perfect example of that; he only had one day of Cardio training per week, but noticed his performance there went through the roof as well. Even more importantly… the intelligent approach to fitness, strength and healthier eating / home cooking that the A12 introduced have continued to be a part of his lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

In Jonathan's Own Words

"I can confidently say that I am the leanest and strongest I have ever been in my life. At the start of the program I considered myself to be in pretty good shape, but the results from start to finish are night and day by comparison.

After completing the A12, I went to the gym to see just how strong I had become. I saw substantial increases in all lifts, especially in the bench press and weighted pull-up. My bench had increased by 50 lb. and was able to hit a personal best of 325 lb. My weighted pull-up increased from 90 lb. to 175 lb. This is the strongest I have ever been.

The A12 is unlike any other program I've gone through. This is a high octane, intense workout plan that forces you to push past your limits. Every workout I felt like I was in competition with myself, and I wasn't going to lose. Even with the high intensity, the A12 stresses doing things the right way. I always felt safe and comfortable with the weight being prescribed, as well as the emphasis on technique.

I was most surprised with how fast I saw results throughout this program. The nutrition plan was a big change from my normal routine, but was essential to my transformation. Each week I saw more and more definition, and I had the food plan to thank for that.

I feel like a leaner, meaner version of myself. After seeing the graduation photos, I am blown away with the progress I've made."

Relaxing on Pullup Bar

Get Your Best Physique

In Just 12 Weeks!

Jan 10th 2022
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