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Amazing 12-Omaha Graduate Tami Jones


Tami is a 39-year-old Veterinary diagnostic consultant from Omaha, NE. For several years Tami struggled to regain previous levels of health and fitness she was used to in her high school and college softball days. The stress and nature of her career made it easy to fall back on less than ideal nutritional choices and her activity levels dropped. The result was a physique, movement quality, energy levels, digestive issues and self-esteem she no longer satisfied with. By the end of her Amazing 12 experience, Tami had turned all of that around.

“When I started this journey in April I was 164 pounds, I had digestive issues with constant bloating, I was irregular, and I always felt sluggish and tired.  Within two weeks of following the nutrition all that had been reversed. Now, my sleeping is perfect and I am much more well-rested. My skin quality is better, I’m more focused and alert during my job and I just feel all-around better.

I couldn’t squat or do lunges very well, struggled with deadlifts, couldn't squat low enough, and I couldn't do a single pushup or pullup. Now I can do several super strict full range pushups from the floor, plus dead hang chin-ups. My squat weights improved immensely, I'm squatting lower than ever,  lunges are easier for me and I'm working on pistols too. Deadlifts were my best accomplishment. Deadlifts are hard for me because I’m so tall, and I have very tight hamstrings. We started with the weights  elevated off the floor but by the end of the program, I was deadlifting heavier than my body weight - from the ground - for sets of six. I’ve never pulled that much weight!

When you’re held responsible for your diet and working out every day it really motivates you. “The nutrition was easy and simple to follow - no counting macros or calories. My goal was to become more toned and stronger. Scott helped me with that. It helps when you have someone pushing you and believing that you can do it. I love this program. I finished my first 12 weeks in June and decided to keep going and do another 12 weeks. It was the best decision I could have ever made. I cant wait to start another 12 weeks in January! 

"This program is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. I’m stronger and the healthiest I’ve ever been. I’ve met a ton of good friends: Andreea, Sarah, David, Drew. Everybody’s awesome. It’s like a family."

Tami has not only sustained her results achieved from June but surpassed them. Now she's ready for Round III. The point being that unlike most transformation challenges out there the A12 method of training is not only repeatable but sustainable. It retrains your body on how to eat, it changes your cravings toward healthier foods and allows you to stay close enough to your best physique to quickly regain or surpass when needed. The photo below shows Tami's original 12 week transformation from Round 1 then again at the end of her second round  5-months later.

The Amazing 12-Omaha is about way more than just aesthetics or achieving a “six-pack”. The health, strength and endurance gains are just as dramatic, if not more so than the transformations themselves! 

If you are like Tami and are tired of wasting time, effort, and money trying to regain who you really are meant to be in the first place, or you just want to experience the incredible power of the Amazing 12 for yourself, then contact us here to start living your best life today!

Get Your Best Physique

In Just 12 Weeks!

Starting January 13th 2020
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